About KC Property Guys

KC Property Guys is a Kansas City local turnkey real estate investment firm.  We work with home owners and real estate investors alike specializing in traditional and creative housing solutions for home owners and all in one business is a box investment programs for investors. 

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Home Owners

For home owners,  we not only buy homes for cash as a fast, no hassle option for home owners and estate trustees but through our years of helping and educating home owners facing foreclosure,  we have  created our proprietary Assist to Sell exit solutions that pay off all debt, begin the credit repair process and bring equity back to the table.   Our Assist to Sell programs work in partnership with home owners, bring peace of mind through educational consulting and provided creative equity bearing exit solutions.


For aspiring and seasoned real estate investors, we provide customized business in a box investment programs that utilize the strengths of our deeply networked off market home sourcing, bulk material buying power and volume based dedicated professional labor crews.  We offer long term buy and hold investment models that increase cash flow in a high return market without the need of constantly monitoring and managing of tenant and property needs.  Our team makes it easy to invest in fully rehabilitated, tenant-occupied, managed properties, As a strategic investment partner, you reap all the passive and long term cash benefits found in the buy and hold Kansas City rental market without the mundane day to day details of property management.

Additionally, we offer our specialized fix and flip investment model for real estate investors who seek quicker returns in a short term real estate investment.  Investors join in partnership with our day to day fix and flip operations and reap guaranteed financial benefits at each project closing.   Much like our buy and hold investors, fix and flip investors utilize the strengths of our professional  investment experts, our deeply networked off market home sourcing, bulk material buying power and volume based dedicated professional labor crews that produce successful investments time and time again.

Insurance and Restoration Companies

We work with insurance and restoration professionals to provide staged restoration and remediation homes for training.   Insurance and restoration companies can participate in one of our annual educational workshop and seminars using one of the many staged homes we provide for our educations services.

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