Renovation of a Rental Property in OVERLAND PARK!

Today we are out in Overland Park, Kansas, kind of in the heart of Overland Park. We are day two of a renovation and the life story of this particular rental house. The story behind this house is it came from a family member who originally had grown up in the house, went to college, […]

Design Reveal of Country Home in Kansas City

So when we first came in, took our first tour, it was very dated. Everything was golden brown and old cabinets. Downstairs, the hole as you come down the stairs, there’s this huge oversized entertainment center. Design Reveal  Well, from my perspective, because I’ve got the real estate as well as the design perspective, […]

The KCPG Design Process REVEALED in Shawnee, Kansas!

So here we are in Shawnee, Kansas talking about the KCPG design process. We’re at a five bedroom, three and a half bath home. It’s a good family home. You’ve got the one and a half story. So you have a master on the main with its own master suite. Then you have three bedrooms […]

Day One of an Extensive Rehab South of Kansas City!

Hi. Today, we are down in Archie, Missouri, and we are going through our walkthrough with our crew lead, our project lead for day one of what’s going to be a multi-week process to ultimately rehab this property in South Kansas City. This is a real interesting property where we received a call from the […]

Rebuilding a KC Home From a Fire!

Today we’re out in Kansas City, Kansas, and we are walking through a recent cash purchase from KC Property Guys. And it happens to be a firehouse, it’s a home that has an electrical fire, or had an electrical fire in it and we are rebuilding it. There’s extensive smoke damage throughout the house. And […]

Update on a Full Renovation in Olathe, Kansas!

Hello, this is John with KC Property Guys, and today I’m in a Olathe, Kansas where I’m doing an update on a home that we’ve been working on for a little while now on a full renovation. So, we’re going to do a little bit of a walkthrough of this home and sort of see […]

Renovating a Home From a Fire in Kansas City, KS!

Today, we’re out in Kansas City, Kansas, and we’re doing a walkthrough with KC Property Guys. We got our project lead here. We got our project manager here and we’re working with a kind of a special case house. This is a house that caught fire back in 2017. The restoration company started to come […]

A Cozy Cabin for Cash in Leavenworth, Kansas!

Hi, I’m John Lindquist with KC Property Guys, and today I’m in Leavenworth, Kansas, where we’re looking at a cabin that we purchased as a cash buy from a family who was wanting to relocate to a different area of the country, and pretty quickly, actually. So they were willing to go with the cash […]

Interior Design Update in Olathe With Cheryl Scheele!

Hey, everyone. John Linquist here with KC Property Guys. And today I’m out in Olathe, Kansas where we’re going to be meeting with Cheryl Scheele, who is going to be talking about the interior design options that she has selected for this home. Now, this home was also a KC Pier Project. And after KC […]