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Today, we're out in the DeSoto, Kansas. Cheryl is putting the final staging touches on a home that started as a project. It was a cash buy for us about three months ago, but we're getting it ready for market.

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The Problem

If we rewind back to the beginning of this house, we got a call from the previous owners and they were looking for a cash buy and it specifically needed to be a cash buy. We talked about some of the creative options, but that just wasn't in the cards specifically because they were building a house not too far from here. And that house had a deadline at which it was going to be ready for closing. They needed the proceeds from this house to ultimately move into the next house. And so we had a work against that deadline.

Proposed Solution

We had to meet those deadlines and that's one of the beauties about KC Property Guys. When you're dealing with KC Property Guys, ultimately you're signing with KC Property Guys, you're closing with KC Property Guys, we're rehabbing with KC Property Guys, and then we're handing off to team KCPG, the realtors to ultimately sell. So this was one where they needed a one-stop shop to come through with the timing and that's exactly what we did on this particular home.


Everything has been touched on this house to ultimately get it to the point where it's ready for the next generational family. And now we're in the final steps of the house. We're walking through and finishing up the staging. We have the photos being taken today for the listing. Ultimately we're prepping the listing to get it ready to go to market. And ultimately we want to bring this house back to the next family that can enjoy it for the next generations to come. And that's what we do at KC Property Guys. We're rehabbers at the end of the day. So, we go through and touch every part and aspect of a house and try to get it ready for the next generational families down to the outlet covers, down to vents, and of course the mechanicals, the roof, windows, the granite, cabinetry. We tend to touch it all.

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The Results

And so that’s what we’ve done in this particular case, as we’ve swept through the whole house, we’ve touched it from top to bottom, from flooring and paint to granite, to stainless, to pulling out some of that old cabinetry, bringing in the new once again and bringing it to a design that’s today is more open, spacious, light, and bright and getting it ready for the next owners.

So we really had to bring this property up to date, not only from the inside, but also from the outside. And if you can see a before picture of what this looked like from a curb appeal perspective, it looks much different today. This is a great property. It has a lot of space. It’s got three buildings, the house, an outbuilding with the garage and an office space with an upstairs and then another she shed on the backside. But you couldn’t see any of it. And so if you look at it from today, we’ve cleared out over two dozen trees, we’ve trimmed them up, taken them out, and you can actually have a lot of curb appeal from the road now and everything is coordinated in terms of its paint and exterior. And then on the inside, we really brought in a lot of modern touches.

It has a really nice 1990, 30 by 30 add on to the back of the house for top and bottom. So we’ve added over 1,800 square foot to this house was added at one time. And so we’ve used that space to help redesign and open it up. So in the master, we have a grandmaster with its own separate en suite. It has a much larger shower built into it with two rain shower heads. We brought the laundry room upstairs, closer to the master to complete the master suite itself. We’ve opened up the kitchen a little bit to open up to the family room. We’ve taken some of the ’90 style built-in cabinetry’s out because it was impeding on the space, to open up the basement and the rec room. And then we tie it all together with, again, our new flooring, our new paint, our granite, our stainless, new roof.

And so we’re at the final stages to bring all that together, to ultimately come together from our original intent with the sellers to get it to evaluation where we’ve helped them move on and meet their valuations and equity goals. And we’re trying to meet ours for the next family to come in and enjoy it for a very long time.

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