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This Olathe home was sold to us by a couple who were empty nesters. They had raised their family in this house and were looking to downsize. There were significant foundation issues that the homeowners were going to have our sister company KC Pier fix, but after realizing the extent of the foundation damage, the homeowners decided to let us take care of the whole thing for them. So we bought the house from them with a cash offer, and then had KC Pier fix the foundation issues. After the foundation repair was completed, we did a complete remodel and sold the house to the next generational family who will move in and raise their family here.

Case Study

The Problem

These Olathe homeowners had significant foundations issues with their home, and they were looking to downsize.

Proposed Solution

Instead of paying our sister company, KC Pier, to fix the foundation issues, and then deal with the process of selling the home after that, they decided to sell the home to us. So we came in from the beginning, gave them a fair cash offer, and took the problem off their hands.


We bought the home from them and repaired the foundation, and also remodeled the entire home, and even put it on the market to sell to the next generational family looking to raise their family.

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The Results

And so after we got to talking with the homeowners, they were looking to downsize anyway, they were going to fix the foundation in preparation to sell. In lieu of that, we’ve worked out a cash deal. And then we just ultimately used our resources, which is the reason why we have them all, to really integrate into this house, to really create a comprehensive project.

This is a house that was in the family for multiple years. They basically were empty nesters. They were looking to downsize and move locally. And so after we came to terms with the cash buy, then we actually got to work. And as mentioned, this particular house used all of our KC Property Guys’ resources. We spent thousands of dollars trying to raise this house, there was significant structural damage as well as waterproofing damage that we had to repair prior to construction of the home. And so we handed the house off for two to three weeks, three weeks total for KC Pier to come through here and hopefully do all their fixes and repairs to get the house to a point where it is structurally sound, that we could provide a lifetime warranty for the next homeowners, and then pass it off to KC Property Guys who spent multiple weeks here touching everything.

This was a complete rehab from the outlets to the flooring, to the interior and exterior paint to new windows, and of course, redecorating and dressing up the basement that had the significant foundation repair. Ultimately, all the way upstairs to new bathrooms, vanities, granite, kitchen, flooring, and flooring throughout. So this is really the final stages of that storyline, and that really provides the baseline of what we have with KC Property Guys in regards to all the resources that we use when it comes to a house. We’re using KC Pier for the structural foundation experts and repair. We get the house ready with KC Property Guys, we ultimately hand it over to Team KCPG, who did all the staging, the listing, ultimately helping with the negotiation and contracting. We are now preparing for inspections and resolutions, and ultimately bringing it to a close.

So this is one of the things that I really enjoy about KC Property Guys, is that at the end of the day, we provide a service to help families. Whether it’s people that are looking to downsize and transition out, that may have significant deferred maintenance, as in this particular home. Whether that’s an estate, probate, trust or will, whether they’re out of state and trying to move that real estate to a trusted resource, I really enjoy the fact that we provide a service. We are a business at the end of the day, we employ all our employees and they have families that they have to keep fed. And so we work through those variables, but I really enjoy working through the problems of using real estate to help solve problems for one family and create new beginnings for another. And that’s what we’ve done here, and that’s what we do with all our houses. We’re rehabbers. At the end of the day, we hold a few, but we rehab most of our homes and we get it ready for the next generational family.

So this is the end of that chapter, where we’re closing the books, we’re winding it down. In this particular case, out in Olathe, we touched all of our resources at KC Property Guys, and that’s why we have them. So I’m glad to see them all come together in one real successful project.

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