3 FAQs When Selling Your House During a Divorce

3 FAQs When Selling Your House During a Divorce

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It can get rather messy when you are selling your house during a divorce. One partner may not want to, someone may try to remain in the home, or often you simply can’t agree.

It is almost never straightforward and easy, even when the separation is amicable. You do need to come to some sort of agreement and that likely will not happen on your own.

3 FAQs When Selling Your House During a Divorce

Assuming you can both get together and decide what is best, then you need to be able to work together. Selling a house during a divorce is awkward and you want to get it over with quickly.

  • Who Gets The House?

If one person moves out of the house before or during the divorce, it doesn’t always mean the person who stays gets to keep it. If the home was purchased and furnished together, then those assets need to be divided equally.

If one person moved into a home that was already purchased, then the laws may be a bit different. It could come down to how long you both lived there, how much the other contributed, etc.

You both need to get on the same side. If one spouse wants to keep the house, then there is the option of buying the other out. If that person can’t afford to do that, then the home needs to be sold.

You may want to decide to keep it and rent it out, but that would involve you both having to deal with tenants and each other. This is not a likely scenario that will work for anyone.

  • When Do We Sell The House?

This is a tricky situation. Clearly, you both need to be in agreement. Listing the house without the consent or knowledge of the other partner can get you in deep trouble unless it is yours outright and you have the right to sell it.

Selling your home during a divorce should happen as soon as you can arrange it. Even amicable divorces are expensive. You both need a new place to live, if there are children then their needs have to be met, and there are legal and other fees involved.

  • What’s The Fast Way to Sell The House?

Selling a house can take months. However, if you choose to take a quicker route that is far less stressful, then you should consider a cash property buyer. They pay cash for your home regardless of what condition it is in.

The divorce is stressful, so why spend months staging the home, paying an estate agent, and paying for the home waiting for it to sell?

A cash buying company has all the connections to clients who want your home just as it is. You don’t have to worry about fixing, staging, showing it, or all the nosy neighbors coming by to sniff out the dirt.

A cash sale will be finalized within a few weeks, at the most. You can divide the profits and get on with the new chapter in your life. Why drag out a house sale while you are getting a divorce?

Selling Your House During a Divorce

Don’t waste your time and add to the stress of your divorce by going through a long process of a traditional house sale. Leave everything to us, and you worry about your own personal matters.

Here at KC Property Guys, we handle everything so you don’t have to worry and you don’t even have to see your spouse if you don’t want to. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us today.


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