4 Tips for Selling Your House if You are Facing Bankruptcy

4 Tips for Selling Your House if You are Facing Bankruptcy

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If you are in financial trouble and need money fast, an option is selling your house if you are facing bankruptcy. Unfortunately, people get into debt that they simply can’t get out of.

Regardless of the reason, you don’t always have to file for bankruptcy if you can find another way. It’s not always easy, so it’s best to find a way back before creditors come knocking or your wages are taken.

4 Tips for Selling Your House if You are Facing Bankruptcy


Filing for bankruptcy should be avoided, if possible. It can take you years, if ever, to recover from it and devastate your credit rating.

  • Seek professional Financial Help

Before you do anything, including filing for bankruptcy, is to get as much financial information as you can. There may be a way around filing, including selling off your belongings.

Talk to your creditor. They can make suggestions and give you advice on where to get help. If you have someone who can lend you money, or assets to sell, you should start there.

If you file for bankruptcy, you will likely lose the house anyhow, so if you do own a house, consider selling it. This is what an advisor will tell you and trying to hold on to it won’t work, anyhow.

  • Don’t Wait to be Evicted

You need to take action before you lose everything. Once you decide that selling your house if you are facing bankruptcy is a good plan, then you need to make sure you sell it before it gets taken by the bank.

Walking away doesn’t mean that you are off the hook. You are still going to be responsible for all that owing debt and the mortgage. On top of that, you won’t have a home.

If the bank takes it back, they will sell it to get what monies are owed to them, but you won’t see any of it. You need to make a move before they do. They don’t care about what happens to you.

  • Find a Reputable Cash Property Buyer

Take a look at a company that buys homes for cash. Be careful, as they are not all as they seem. Call several and get some advice from people who have done this kind of thing before.

Once you are comfortable with the company you have chosen, everything will be easier from there. They will help you through every step and you don’t have to stress any longer over filing bankruptcy.

  • Sell Your Home

The great thing about companies that buy property for cash is it happens very fast. The whole process can take only a week or two. You can pay off your debts and start over.

Selling your home if you are facing bankruptcy might not seem like a good decision, but it is likely the only one left. Otherwise, you have bankruptcy over your head and you still owe money on the home you no longer have until the creditor sells it.

Avoid the bankruptcy claim against you, keep your credit rating, and get a fresh start. The creditors will not get a decent price and they only care about what they need.

Selling Your Home to Avoid Bankruptcy

When you see that bankruptcy is coming, you need to act fast. Contact us here at KC Property Guys for more information or to find out about selling your home.

Facing bankruptcy is stressful, and you likely could do without it. Don’t lose your home and have to file bankruptcy, as well. Save your credit rating, end the stress and sleepless nights, and sell your home for cash.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO