Are Family Emergency Home Sales Common?

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Are family emergency home sales common in Kansas City?

The term “family emergency” covers a broad spectrum of hardships and difficult circumstances that lead folks into tough decisions. One of those decisions may involve what to do with a major property such as a residential home. This article will show you how family emergencies impact home-selling opportunities.

What Necessitates Family Emergency Home Sales?

These sales tend to be relative to the homeowners. One family’s emergency may not come across as an emergency to us, but they are definitely relevant personal matters. Therefore, we want to offer them a tailored and personalized solution.

We usually introduce the positive elements of what we do, our strong suits as cash buyers, to see if there’s a way to calm the water during tough circumstances. That’s important because we’ll come across many diverse situations where homeowners view their house either as an asset or a burden.

Flexible Solutions to Emergency Scenarios with KC Property Guys

We first want to understand the emergency and the variables involved. Then we’ll show the homeowner what we can do, things they hadn’t considered that can alleviate certain problems.

For example, we can let them leave all their belongings there and move out of the home. Likewise, we can help them sell possessions or pursue an auction. The flexibility of our buying system can really work to a would-be seller’s advantage.

If a seller needs the equity, but also wants to stay in the home temporarily, this is possible with a true cash buyer like KC Property Guys. You won’t have the same options if you try to sell to a wholesaler or put the house on the regular real-estate market. We can work through lots of emergency scenarios and leverage our experience handling similar situations.

Common Family Emergencies Involving Elderly Relatives

One of the most common situations many families face involves how to part with a property when an elderly relative needs to move for various reasons. Chances are, the situation is urgent, you need to sell the house quickly, and leverage the equity to pay for things like medical care. The cash sales method addresses many similar situations because:

  • It’s the quickest way to get cash, so you can pay bills and unexpected expenses.
  • You don’t have to clean the house, repair it, and stage it for a realtor, which can feel like a part-time job before you’re finished with everything.
  • Our system is simple, streamlined, and we wire the equity funds straight to your account after closing the deal. We can even wire them to different accounts for multiple siblings, or however you see fit.

You can learn more about this topic by reading our previous article on selling an elderly relative’s home to pay for care.

KC Property Guys Helps with Family Emergency Home Sales

Our goal is to make family emergencies as manageable as possible, so you can get on with your life. Sometimes these homes can be a fine asset, whereas others view them as an albatross. It doesn’t matter because KC Property Guys can help you to either cash-in on them or unload them onto us.

When we quote a price, if you agree to it, then that’s the dollar amount you’ll receive for the home. Therefore, you don’t have to go through any other negotiations. This is the cash-buying system we use with customers all over Kansas City, and it’s an excellent service that’s garnered us a perfect 5-star status on Google Reviews.

You can learn more about family emergency home sales by contacting us for reliable help selling your home quickly.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO