Are Relocation Home Sales Still Common?

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Relocation home sales are a common part of our business because there are many circumstances that could lead someone to want to move across town. Unless you wish to own multiple homes, you may want to sell a house when you’re ready to head elsewhere. In this article, we’ll shine light on some ways this works for folks relocating within Kansas City.

Terrific Advantages to Making a Cash Sale When Relocating

At KC Property Guys, when we think of homeowners who are relocating, we call those “buy/sell scenarios.” This is when you sell locally and buy again in the same area (in Kansas City). Here, we assign a buying realtor to help you buy a house while we sell your current home.

The beauty of buy/sell scenarios is that you’ll know it’s sold and receive the equity money exactly when it closes (with no chance of cancellations). Even better than that, we can put the closing date on a slider, which affords plenty of flexibility for finding your next home.

How Relocation Home Sales Work with KC Property Guys

Check out an example of how this works. If we set a closing date to occur in eight months, we can say you’ll close within that time or sooner, pending a new home purchase. The buying realtor we assign will help you find a new home you want for downsizing, being closer to family, or for any other intention.

Once you find that next house through the realtor, you know you’ll have to buy with a deadline (it always works that way). What do we do to help smooth the transition?

When your new home is ready, we’ll take the deadline on the old house and slide the closing time sooner. That lets you access the equity to finance a down payment on the new house or handle the other inevitable moving costs. Again, this is contingent upon us setting that original closing date at eight months out, but with the contract condition that we can move that date closer if necessary.

Plenty of Time Flexibility & Help with Possessions

The best part is that this involves a realtor that we know, who works with us every day, and we can coordinate with while rehabbing your old home. It gives us the unique advantage of being able to address unexpected issues or hindrances. Otherwise, you’re stuck trying to communicate through several middlemen simultaneously, which can become confusing.

Another residual benefit of all this is that you can also delay the closing date, and leave your possessions in place for a while if you desire. You could also stay in your house longer if circumstances dictate. Cash sales with us is the ultimate in flexibility, something you cannot find selling on the open market.

Other Lucrative Times to Sell to a Cash Home Buyer

Aside from buy/sell scenarios, there are several other circumstances where it’s favorable to sell to a cash home buyer. Those include:

  • Resolving property disputes after a divorce.
  • Using the cash sales process to avoid or prevent foreclosure or bankruptcy.
  • Retiring and realizing you don’t need that same large house (downsizing).
  • Unloading a “money-pit house,” one that costs a fortune to address an array of repair issues.
  • Helping aging parents move in with you, into assisted living, or another residence.

Enjoy Flexible Relocation Home Sales with KC Property Guys

KC Property Guys is at your service if any of these scenarios apply to you. While cash selling is not for every homeowner, it is a wise move if you want to sell your house quicker, with less bureaucracy, and greater moving flexibility.

We’re one of the top cash home buyers, according to online business evaluators like BloggerLocal. We also possess a litany of positive customer reviews along with full accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

If you have other questions about relocation home sales, contact KC Property Guys for further guidance and insight.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO