Can I Sell a Home As-Is in Major Disrepair?

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It has become increasingly common for cash home investors to buy from homeowners who want to sell a home as-is even when there are considerable damages. If you’re sitting on a house that costs a fortune to repair, or if the process seems overwhelming, you can still use a bash buyer like KC Property Guys. This article covers most of what you need to know to sell a house in disrepair in the Kansas City metro area.

Almost All The Homes We Buy Require Repairs

Today’s homes almost always require some kind of repair. We wouldn’t be able to run our business if we turned down buying opportunities solely because of repair burdens. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about owning a home that has too many maintenance issues.

It’s possible to find a home seller who wants to sell a home in excellent condition to us, but it’s the exception to the rule. Every once in a while, we find a home (in near perfect condition) where folks just prefer a cash buyer for convenience’s sake rather than to handle repairs. That’s only one or two out of 40 or 50 homes we refurbish every year. Most other homes need significant repair along with basic painting and cleaning.

Common repairs include general maintenance, addressing HVAC/plumbing issues, fixing structural problems, and so forth. This works well for us because we also own KC Pier, the foundation repair company. We can keep all the foundation work in-house, but there are also some other repair issues you’ll find in most homes that go on the market.

What’s It Like to Sell a Home As-Is?

We also find a lot of homes that need replacement roofs, re-siding, and floor repairs. Fortunately, you can unload these homes, as-is, onto a cash buyer, and still sell your home for a fair rate.

There are also many Kansas City homes that show signs of aging, and haven’t had much repair work in a while. Owners often prefer to avoid the hassle of updating them for a realtor. We service many clients like that, the ones who are looking to sell their house after retirement, and downsize as efficiently as possible.

When we have consultations and walk-through inspections with homeowners, it usually takes 15 to 30 minutes to determine all the repair requirements. From there, we’ll have an open conversation with the customer and make an offer on the spot. If it works for us and the customer, we’ll go forward with the purchase and handle all the repairs with no undue burden on them.

Advantages to Selling a Home in Disrepair Without a Realtor

So, what are the greatest benefits to selling a home without a realtor?

  • Save money by not having to pay exorbitant realtor commission fees.
  • It works so much faster than waiting for buyers on the open market.
  • You avoid working with an array of middlemen and enjoy a much simpler selling process.
  • As long as you choose a competent cash buyer, like KC Property Guys, you’ll make a sale immediately. This means you don’t have to worry about buyers reversing their decision at the last minute or losing their financing.

So, far from it being a “risky” endeavor, using a cash buyer over a traditional realtor can simplify and expedite the selling process considerably. It’s even true for homes in major disrepair since almost all homes require some upkeep, remodeling, or renovation.

KC Property Guys Can Help You Sell a Home As-Is

Hopefully, that relieves any doubt or concerns you had over selling a home as-is. Buying and refurbishing homes is the bulk of our business in Kansas City, so we’re more than happy to work through those issues with you.

KC Property Guys receives high esteem from past customers because of our transparent and forthright buying process. You should read through the positive testimonials we get on Google Reviews, where we’ve amassed a perfect 5-star rating.

So, contact KC Property Guys anytime you want to sell a home as-is rather than fight your way through a frustrating home retail market.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO