Can I Sell My Home Due to Layoff or Job Loss?

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Some of our clients ask us, “Can I sell my home due to layoff or job loss?”

The answer is, “yes,” and it’s possible to do so without all the bureaucracy of selling in the traditional real-estate market. KC Property Guys offers a faster, more flexible solution that lets you access your home’s equity during difficult scenarios like job loss.

Should I Sell My Home Due to Layoff?

Job loss situations are somewhat common, and may lead some homeowners to explore selling their property. There are several reasons to work with a cash buyer like KC Property Guys if you want to do this:

  • The sale will close (no last-minute cancellations).
  • You will receive cash wired directly into your bank account on closing day.
  • We pay all the closing costs through the use of professional closing companies.
  • You’re guaranteed that the title makes a clean sale.

Ultimately, this means that both you and KC Property Guys have protection and warranty against losing the sale. If money is critical to addressing lifestyle crises, this guarantee gives you the peace of mind that there’s something concrete in place.

How Does KC Property Guys Make it Easier to Sell My Home Due to Layoff?

We also can handle everything regarding possessions and timelines (with full consideration of your preferences). If you need more time to move elsewhere or need to meet a fast sales deadline, we can customize an appropriate contract. Many clients enjoy this because it gives them more opportunity to find a new place rather than feeling rushed out the door by a realtor.

Even if you find a house early, we can adjust the closing date (letting it arrive sooner), so you can access the equity faster. The realtor won’t be able to move quickly or allow those adjustments at all. The transaction process with a realtor will take an average of 45 to 60 days.

That’s because there are several stages of negotiation, house showings, stagings, inspections, and so forth. You don’t sell and close a house on the same day with them. You can, however, do that with a cash home buyer.

Only Use a Reputable Cash Buyer

We always include the important warning and caveat: don’t sell your home to just any cash buyer. Unfortunately, not every investor or buying company honors that commitment to complete the sale like we do. Therefore, you should verify certain qualities of a reputable cash home buyer.

  • Learn the market value of your home and make sure they’re offering a fair price. A price that’s “too good to be true” is probably a scam. You also shouldn’t accept something far below the value of the house either.
  • Make sure they have positive reviews, a strong purchasing history, and a solid reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Like we mentioned earlier, reliable cash buyers should be flexible and offer convenience. Otherwise, it’s not worth accepting a lower price than what you could get with a realtor.

KC Property Guys: The Most Reliable Cash Home Buyer in Kansas City

We believe that selling to a cash home buyer can resolve a lot of financial crises as long as you find a solid buyer. KC Property Guys has years of experience doing this, and we even refurbish homes in disrepair with our in-house repair business, KC Pier. That means you don’t have to worry that your house is unmarketable or ineligible for a cash sale.

The overwhelming majority of homes we investigate have more than enough equity to benefit from this approach. If you aren’t sure, you can meet with us for a free inspection with no obligations or sales pressure.

Contact us soon and let us resolve that nagging question of “Can I sell my home due to layoff?”


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO