Cash Home Buy in Olathe, Kansas (Pre-rehab)

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Today, we’re on Olathe, Kansas and we’re doing a walkthrough. We have our design team, our project lead, and crew lead here, getting ready to do the demo and the rehab on this particular home.

This particular house is where the daughter had purchased this home for the mother. The mother lived here until she ultimately needed to transition into some senior living services. She called us out as a potential cash buy and that’s ultimately the option that she chose. We’re here today to give you a walkthrough of what we do on a day today. And so we’re going to see this house as it sits and we’ll give you a tour and walkthrough. And then we’ll be coming back periodically throughout the rehab, so you guys can ultimately see what we do and how we do it. So those guys over there talking in the background and figuring out colors and designs and where things are going. And then we’ll check back in here in a couple of weeks, so you see the progress.

Real traditional cash buy-in here with this home rehab. We had laid out multiple options, but that was the best option for her. So she chose that and we just recently closed on it. If you guys have a house that you’re considering multiple options or a cash option and you want other options. There are other options, most people don’t necessarily realize that. Feel free to go to kcpropertyguys.com and fill out the form. And we’ll be in touch and we can chat about some options that may work for you.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO