Creative Real Estate Solution: Cash Buy In Overland Park, Kansas

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Hi, my name is Eric Scheele. I’m with KC Property Guys and KC Pier, and today we’re in Overland Park and we’re reviewing a job that ultimately came to us as a cash buy. We ended up giving multiple options like we do with most homeowners in terms of moving the house, and this turned into a creative solution that involved not only KC Property Guys and our crew, but it also involved KC Pier, which you can see and we’re going to review. And ultimately, it’s going to go over to KCPG Realty Group. And so we’re here today to review the work of KC Pier. We’re also doing a little rehab work done upstairs in preparation for listing, and then turning it over to the realtors to ultimately list this house later on this week.

WallShield & Interior Drain System

So with the Pier guys, this is a product that we really wanted to highlight today. This is a WallShield product that incorporates a lot of times with beams and also always incorporates as an option with our interior drain system. We actually had to install … Originally when we looked at this house, there was a lot of seepage and water intrusions from horizontal and diagonal cracking along the length of the house and its wall. So we ultimately brought in an interior drain solution. We’ve beamed that wall every six-foot because it was rolling in a little bit, and then to cover the cracks and also help the interior drain do its job of encapsulating the water and moving it to the sump pumps, we installed this WallShield product, and we really like this WallShield product because not only does it work with the interior drain, it’s built-in and seamed into the interior drain, so it captures that water, forces it down that wall into the interior drain and the sump pump and ultimately out.

But as you can see, when you look down the line, it’s just a really clean look. In fact, some people use this as a finished product in a basement. Other people just want to address the cleanliness of cracked and horizontal and diagonal cracked walls. And if you happen to be a homeowner with a horizontally cracked or diagonally cracked wall, you can see it’s not real appealing to the eye, but the WallShield product kind of takes all that away. And it’s also, like we mentioned before, incorporated with the interior drain system to get rid of the water. So we’re here today to kind of look this over. We also have today upstairs the KCPG or KC Property Guys crews are doing a little bit of work, and they’re going to finish up today, later on today. And then the realtors, KCPG Realty Group is going to be here tomorrow doing a walkthrough, staging, pictures on Wednesday and ultimately list it on Thursday.

Cash Buy Option

So if you guys are in a position where you’re looking for some real estate options such as cash buy and you have some deferred maintenance that you need on the house, or you have some foundation work, we can do this stuff in partnerships with homeowners at really effective and affordable costing because we’re aligning everybody on the same side of the table to ultimately get houses listed or purchased in cash or other opportunities, creative opportunities. So anyway, go to KCPropertyGuys.com if you want those types of options. If you’re looking for foundation work, you can go to KCPier.com and give us a call. We’ll come out and take a look and we’ll take care of you.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO