Day One of an Extensive Rehab of a Cash Buy Family Home in Shawnee, Kansas!

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Today we’re in Shawnee, Kansas, and we are walking through with the design team, the project lead and the crew lead, and putting together a project plan and a scope of work for a cash buy rehab that we have recently acquired in Shawnee.

Cash Buy Rehab Shawnee, Kansas

With this particular house, this is an extensive house. It’s a multi-level house, 3,500 square foot. It’s been lived in extremely well, to put it nicely. So we’re going to go through and actually we’re going to produce a really large scope of work and bring this house back the life. We’re going to see things from cracks in the ceiling from some small heating that’s taken place that we’re ultimately going to have to take care of.

We’re going to knock down the ceilings and get those back to life, get rid of the ’70s popcorn and get that all updated. We have new granite and epoxy kitchen tables, new stainless,  new flooring, new paint throughout. We have a bunch of tiled ceilings in the basement that we’re ultimately going to replace. We have five sliding doors that ultimately need replaced that step out to a 35-foot deck that is well beyond its wear, so it ultimately needs to get replaced.

New Kitchen & Interior Remodeling

So ultimately, we’re taking this house and taking it out of the mid-’80s and bringing it back to life for the next generational family.

This is a kind of a look at the first stages of what we do on KC Property Guys when we ultimately rehab a house. The story behind the house is it actually came from a downsizer, a lady who had raised her family here for 40 years, a large family, seven kids, ultimately moved to senior living out into Olathe, and then had this house that was sitting here. So I’ve been working with the family and the kids to ultimately purchase the home, is the option that they chose. And then we are going to begin day one starting today.

So join us for the ride. We’ll be here for a lot of updates and we’ll see the progress go from here.

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Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO