Day One of an Extensive Rehab South of Kansas City!

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Hi. Today, we are down in Archie, Missouri, and we are going through our walkthrough with our crew lead, our project lead for day one of what’s going to be a multi-week process to ultimately rehab this property in South Kansas City. This is a real interesting property where we received a call from the owner who happened to be going through a divorce and also was kind of what we call a tired landlord. It was a tenant run home for multiple years. And through the divorce, they had to break up the assets. And so, we ultimately came to an agreement after coming down and visit them.

Rehab Day 1

So, with KC Property Guys, we traveled an hour, hour and a half south outside the Kansas City limits for this rehab. Archie is an hour from our office. And so, here we are. And so, it’s day one, we’re doing a walkthrough.

This particular property sits on a corner. It has multiple lots tied to it. There’s probably seven outbuildings, from large shop buildings to detach garages and old sheds, even the original outhouse. And so, we’ve been walking through talking about which buildings actually have to come down. We have an engineer that will be involved in the inside of the house, where we’re actually going to look to raise the ceilings, which are currently right around six and a half to seven foot. And so we have a rather extensive project that we’re inviting you guys along for multi parts, and this is just the first part of it. And so, on this particular house, we’ve done our walkthrough. We got our game plan together. And so, we’re going to invite you along to check this one out as we go through the multiple days and eventually get it set up so we can hand it over to team KCPG for sale. This’ll be ultimately a big rehab and a flip for us at KC Property Guys.

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