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So when we first came in, took our first tour, it was very dated. Everything was golden brown and old cabinets. Downstairs, the hole as you come down the stairs, there’s this huge oversized entertainment center.

Design Reveal

Well, from my perspective, because I’ve got the real estate as well as the design perspective, I look at the master. I look at the kitchen first and make that functional and beautify that. And then next to me is the master because the owners of the house are the ones that this is supposed to be their retreat. And so I look at the master bath. How can we improve that? And I look at the master bedroom to see how that can be improved. And then other than that, I take off the dated features.


I stage in a day. Just come in, stage a day, day and a half, depends on how big the house is. If I need more stuff, then I go get more stuff from storage or another house. And then I just typically spend almost a whole day staging because moving is one thing and getting things from one house to another, then the next day, staging and rearranging. And I’ll look at something five different times. You’ve seen me like, “Okay, okay, put it some way.” Then I step out. Then I come back and I’m like, “Okay, now let’s put this here.” And I just rearranged, just like you’ll see on the shelving downstairs. I’ve had it, I kept moving things around just to look right to me. And so that’s the timeline of the design reveal.

Quick Sell

Then we get professional pictures the next day and then we try to list the next day and get it on market as soon as possible to get it out there and hopefully sell quick.

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Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO