Do Empty Nesters & Retirees Sell Homes to Downsize?

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We encounter many empty nesters and retirees who decide to sell homes to downsize into smaller living quarters. It’s a common move in Kansas City when folks decide they don’t need to own a large house, which usually requires greater upkeep along with higher electric bills.

Our business, KC Property Guys, offers empty nesters and retirees the opportunity to downsize and sell a home without spending months with a realtor. We’d like to show you the beauty of selling a home quickly with way less hassle.

Why do Retirees Sell Homes to Downsize?

Some of the most enjoyable transactions we make are with the folks who are retiring or downsizing. These are usually pleasant circumstances where they’re trying to move into a new home after living in their current house for several years. They often have fantastic transition stories that involve moving closer to their family, going to live in Florida, heading back to their hometown, or any number of interesting journeys.

There’s usually a significant legacy within the home they want to sell. Many homeowners take great care of their homes, they’re in terrific shape financially, and want to take advantage of their house by leveraging it for equity.

Plenty of Flexibility for Selling as a Retiree to KC Property Guys

Since retirees tend to have their act together, it affords them so many moving options compared to others suffering from financial constraints or hardships (like foreclosures). They’re “planners” that really take their time to sell with a smooth transition. We can stretch out contracts and closing terms to accommodate specific intentions.

Downsizers and retirees don’t always have a new place ready, so it’s a big advantage for us to stretch the closing date out months or even a couple of years. Conventional realtors can’t do this, so it’s a major reason our clients choose the cash sales approach.

If a client finds a house sooner than they thought, we have the flexibility to adjust the closing date earlier as well. For example, if you originally select a closing date eight months out, then find a new place, you can talk to us about closing out within three months instead.

Many Circumstances Where It’s Smart to Sell to a Cash Buyer

So, as you can see, there are many positive scenarios where selling a house can be a tremendous advantage. What are the other common circumstances where it makes sense to sell to a cash buyer?

  • Your home needs repairs, but you don’t have the wherewithal to handle them.
  • You’ve gone through a tough divorce and need to determine what to do with a house after irreconcilable differences.
  • An elderly relative died, you inherited their home, but do not wish to keep it.
  • You’re moving for a new career opportunity in a different state.
  • The surrounding neighborhood has deteriorated, so you’d like to pursue something somewhere else.
  • You lost your job and cannot afford the current mortgage payments, and it would help to gain the equity of the home to cover expenses for a while.

KC Property Guys Helps Retirees Sell Homes to Downsize in KS & MO

Whatever your reasons for selling and moving, we can help you explore your options. Cash selling isn’t for everybody, but there are many convenience and flexibility advantages if you sell to a reputable buyer.

KC Property Guys has an outstanding reputation in Kansas City because when we arrive at a sales price with you, we honor it. You can’t always depend on that when you work with wholesale buyers. Our service is so popular that we maintain a perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews.

Contact us to discover the easiest way to sell homes to downsize into something smaller soon.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO