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Hi, I’m Eric Scheele with KC Property Guys and KC Pier foundation experts. About two weeks ago we got a call from a son whose mother was getting to the age that owning and running the house was just a little too much for her, so she wanted to downsize. And so we reached an agreement and we’ve just recently started this house. We figured we’d list some of the improvements that we do in these houses for you. We secured this house through channels where we buy from the siblings of a family or we buy directly from the parents themselves that are looking to retire. So if you are downsizing and looking to move to something smaller or looking for a cash option versus a traditional real estate option, then give us a call and we can help create a solution just for you. But without further to do let’s jump into this.


This home is a pretty full rehab where we will be touching most of the house. We’re doing new flooring, so we’ve got new hardwood floors throughout. On the kitchen side, it had the original 1968 cabinetry, so most of that is always going to come out. The old cabinets will be replaced with brand new cabinetry, then we’ll inset granite and new appliances in the kitchen. We also have a five foot patio door extending out to our patio we are installing for this house.Then we do a full interior paint, all new windows as well, the ceiling gets repainted, and then I’ll tell you one thing that we’ll do in the bedroom. The bedroom originally had a half bath but we’re actually going to end up converting that to a full bath. So we’ll have a full shower in here with a toilet and a vanity. Then we put that new closet in. Next, in the original hall bathroom we put a full tile enclosure with the vanity and toilet. All the other bedrooms are going to get, new windows, new paint, wood flooring, and will be completed as well


Okay, so now we’re going to take a look at what the KC Pier guys are doing in the basement. So we have a full unfinished basement. This is a ranch style home, so the foundation and the basement tends to be a very good size. Under each of these windows, we’ve had some water seepage and so the best way to fix this, is to dig that window well out and waterproof each one. As well as replace the window itself. So the KC Pier guys will be over here to waterproof each of these window wells along with the new windows. We’ll then, what we call white box this basement so it will all be painted and look nice and clean for the new owner once we ultimately get to that point.


The exterior of this house is actually in pretty good shape. We’re going to do a power wash. We’ve got a beautiful fall day, so it’s a great day to do the power wash and bring that white out of the vinyl siding that’s already there. The new windows are coming, so those will be addressed eventually. And then we’ve also already put the roof on, and so this has a 30 year roof with a 10 year workmanship warranty built into it. And that’ll finish the exterior of the house.


Hopefully you enjoyed this Blog. So if you’re a downsizer or retiree looking for an alternative solution to traditional real estate and you want to consider a cash buy or a creative real estate solution, we can come up with more than one option for you. Feel free to give us a call. On the Kansas side our number is (913) 730-0086 and for the Missouri Side it’s going to be (816) 427-1114. Or you can contact us by going to our website KCpropertyguys.com, fill out a form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Thanks.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO