For Sale by Owner? Marketing your Home is Necessary to sell in Kansas City

For Sale by Owner? Marketing your Home is Necessary to sell in Kansas City

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When you try to sell a house by owner, you may be overwhelmed at the Kansas city for sale by owner or “FSBO” options available.

The marketing alone can take several days to work through and even then you may wonder if you did it correctly. Between the pictures, descriptions, and email blasts, you are wondering if selling your house on your own was the best option.

If you are competent on the internet and have time to read and research, you are capable of selling your house on your own or FSBO. FSBO is just the short way of saying “For Sale By Owner” and more and more homeowners are choosing this route after being given the run around by agents.

Kansas City Real Estate Agents

Not all Kansas City real estate agents are reliable or aggressive enough to get the deal closed and homeowners feel as though they are paying another person to “help” them when they do most of the work anyways.

There are some incredible real estate agents out there and they are the ones experiencing success even in a down market. They work hard and do whatever they can to close deals and retain clients.

This is a cornerstone of the real estate business. Even with the best agent working on your house, you may not be able to afford the commission if you have to lower your asking price. It might work out better for you financially to take the task upon yourself.

Marketing your house is one of the most important aspects of a home sale. There are websites that allow you to advertise your house but, without the correct information and pictures, the ad will fall flat. It is not difficult but you have to maintain the listings.

Here are some pointers to help you market your house more efficiently:

Take high quality photos

The pictures should be high quality with light and should feature the best parts of the house. Don’t use your phone to take the pictures as the resolution may not be suitable. It can make you money in the long run to hire a professional to take photos of the house. Consider asking a friend who has a photography business for 30 minutes of their time to take the house pictures. Buyers will appreciate clear photos.

Put a yard sign in your yard

Yes, it may seem tacky but that simple step will alert those in your neighborhood that your house is for sale. They may not be looking for a house themselves but might know someone who is interested in investing in that area. By having the sign in the yard, you will attract more potential buyers. Consider having an InfoTube on the sign with fliers so that when people drive by at any hour, they can get immediate information. This may seem antiquated but it is something that works for many sellers.

Post your Kansas City home for sale on Social Media

Much like a sign in the yard, posting your home for sale in Social Media is the same as posting your yard sign in your ‘internet yard’.  You never know who is looking or who knows someone looking for a house like yours.  Don’t be afraid to put it out there that you are looking to sell.  The more people that know the better.

Do a quick search online for Kansas City for sale by owner listings

Make note of the sites that pop up on the first page of the search and put your listing on those sites. There are many, many sites that advertise homes for sale by owner but that doesn’t mean you have to put it on every one of them. Just as there are shopping sites you will never find or visit, the same is true of real estate advertising sites. Make sure to pick sites that give you good information and make you feel comfortable.

Keep a running list of where the house is listed online so you can do quick updates

Mark the pages as favorites so when you change something about the listing, you can do it quickly. If a buyer sees multiple listings with different information, they may question the validity of the listing itself.

Be ready to talk to potential Kansas City home buyers

This is not the time to be shy or hold back. Talk to people when they stop by the house. When they come for a showing, have information available, know your area, and review the utility bills so you can inform them what to expect with the house. Explain some of the upgrades and renovations you made on the house. You could even make a quick list so you don’t forget anything.

Maintain a clean exterior and interior

When people drive by your house, their first impression will determine if they want to pursue the property. Make their first impression a good one so that they call or email you for an inside showing and more information. No one will want to see the inside if the outside is a mess.

When you take the time to market the property correctly from the beginning, you will save yourself time in the long run. By taking quality pictures, you will not be answering so many emails requesting more pictures nor will you have potential buyers asking simple questions about property. If all this information is readily available, buyers can look, assess, and make their decision to call or email for a showing. The buyers want the information they would find on the MLS system even though the property is FSBO. Because you won’t be using an agent, the listing can’t go into the MLS and you may miss several buyers. Because of the internet, most buyers search for properties all over the internet though. You still need to ensure that your listing meets the minimum requirements for buyers to know it is a legitimate listing and feel confident that you know what you are doing.

Selling your house on your own can be rewarding financially and mentally. When you know that you are making your future and are in control of what happens, you can feel confident that you will do what is best for you and your family. It may take some extra work but that work will pay off with a successful home sale.

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