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How’s it going, everybody? It’s Lucas Scheele with KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys. Today, I am back out in Kansas City, Kansas at the metropolitan house we are doing a rehab. As you guys saw before, we were totally rehabbing the inside as well as had KC Pier come and do some work on the basement, on the foundation down there. I’m back to show you guys some of the updates that we’ve done to the house so far, and just show you more progress later on in future videos. Without any further to do, guys, let’s get into this.

Kansas City, Kansas Home Rehab

As you guys can see behind me, they put a whole new deck walking up to the front door already. The old one was really tattered and worn out from termites and whatnot, so we totally replaced that. Let’s go ahead and hop on it into the inside. All righty. As you guys can see, we have gotten the granite countertops in here, as well as gotten the whole backsplash on the entire wall area, as well as getting in our shelving back there, which is pretty cool. It’s all coming together right now, especially upstairs. We’ve painted the doors. We’ve painted the trim on all of the windows, and we also put in this awesome hardwood floor as well.

Now we’re just going to be working on the basement and getting all of that ready for the new owner to move in. We’re about to head downstairs right now. It’s not going to be anywhere near as complete as upstairs as the upstairs came first in this rehab process, but they’re still working on the basement right now. I’m going to show you guys what it looks like in the present moment so in the future videos, when it’s all finished up, you guys can see where it came from. Let’s go on downstairs guys.

All righty, guys. That’s going to wrap up this rehab update out in Kansas City, Kansas for the metropolitan house. If you guys enjoy videos like this, you should definitely think about subscribing to our channel, because we have content coming out all of the time, and we’d love if you like this video and left us a comment, because we’d love to interact with you guys as well. Like I said, that’s going to wrap up this rehab update. I’ll definitely be coming out in future videos and showing you guys a finished product or an almost finished product in the future. Stay tuned for that, and we’ll see you then.

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