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Hi, my name’s Eric Scheele. I’m with KC Pier and KC Property Guys. Today we’re in Kansas City, Kansas and we’re doing a walkthrough for rehab for a house that we’ve recently picked up through one of our distress channels. We do quite a bit of work with people all throughout the Kansas City Metro Area. One of those channels that we do work with are with foreclosures or distressed homes. We work with them after foreclosure. We also work with people who are in foreclosure and trying to work through some creative real estate solutions. This particular house, we actually picked up in a post-foreclosure scenario and we just walked through it with the guys to put together our rehab schedule. And so, today we are going to give you a little tour of the house. It’s a small, maybe a thousand square foot house, three bedroom, one bath. Like I said in Kansas city, Kansas.


The neat thing about this house that Lucas is going to give you a tour for is it has a natural gas well, which is extremely rare. It’s grandfathered in, so it has, as long as the gas is in supply, it has unlimited heat and electricity if we choose to generate and convert that over. So a really interesting house. It was quite a surprise for us to actually find it, and we’re going to give you the tour today. Before we break away though, if you happen to be in a distress situation or if your house is delinquent or under foreclosure, definitely give us a call. If you’re within reach of the Kansas City Metro Area because we can work with you with creative solutions so you don’t end up in a post-foreclosure solution, we could actually look through options in a pre-foreclosure solution and bring equity back to you. But, let’s give you the tour and you guys can take a look and hopefully you enjoy it.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO