How Can a Cash Home Buyer Help You When You are Facing Bankruptcy?

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Are you facing bankruptcy and need a solution to your problem before it’s too late? You’re not the first one to experience this problem in today’s environment of rising consumer expenses. There is hope, however, because we help clients avert bankruptcy and foreclosure all the time with cash home buying options.

You can leverage the value of your home to make a quick sale and get out of trouble. Let us show you how it’s done.

Finding a Cash Home Buyer When You’re Facing Bankruptcy

What does it mean to find a cash home buyer for your home? Why would it benefit someone facing a potential bankruptcy?

If you find yourself in a bankruptcy scenario, then you probably already know that you risk losing property and having a huge stain on your credit history for several years. Especially if you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it would involve selling and liquidating your properties without you having much control or say-so.

You could, on the other hand, preempt the problem by selling your home to a real estate investor, who will take the property as-is. They would buy it from you at a fair price without waiting months for it to sell. Therefore, you would avoid the harmful ramifications of bankruptcy or a home foreclosure.

How To Get Started Finding a Cash Buyer

This process is much more straightforward and streamlined than going through a traditional realtor. We can’t explain everything in a single blog post, but this is the gist of how it works.

  1. Notify your lender of your intent to sell your home soon. They don’t wish to see you go bankrupt, so they might work with you and give you a little more time to sell the property.
  2. Check all your other bills and sell any other assets depending on your circumstances.
  3. Clean out your home and create a plan for where you’ll live next (figure out where to store certain belongings).
  4. Contact KC Property Guys and let us know your intentions to find a cash buyer.
  5. Then once we identify potential investor purchasers, we’ll facilitate negotiations with them, allow you to reach a fair deal, and sell the house. That’ll allow you to use the proceeds to pay off debt and avoid bankruptcy.

Other Great Reasons to Consider Using a Cash Home Buyer

Bankruptcy isn’t the only reason our clients choose to sell their homes to a cash buyer. While it’s a great way to deal with financial problems or a family emergency, there are several other circumstances where cash selling works to your advantage.

  • You’ve had enough of the constant repairs on your aging property.
  • Your company is relocating you to another part of the country, or you have a new job altogether.
  • The children have left your home, leaving you with the urge to downsize.
  • Someone in your family died, nobody wants their home, and you want to sell it fast.
  • You noticed that your neighborhood has declined and would like to move soon before things get worse.

These are good reasons to at least consider the faster cash-buying strategy. You can read all about the many other circumstances where selling to a cash home buyer makes sense.

KC Property Guys: Helping You Sell Your House Fast When You’re Facing Bankruptcy

Are you ready to take the first steps to sell your property for a fast profit? If so, then call us at KC Property Guys. We’d love to show you more about how the process works.

Even though bankruptcy is a frightening and stressful ordeal, it doesn’t have to sink your finances forever. We have years of experience providing peace of mind to sellers who managed to rebound financially after making this move.

Now is the time to contact us for help selling your home if you’re facing bankruptcy.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO