How Can I Avoid Middlemen Fast Cash Home Wholesalers?

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It’s important for homeowners to avoid fast cash home wholesalers. They’re a bit of an industry scourge that gives the seller false hopes with a sneaky game of buy-and-sell arbitrage. That doesn’t help you as a homeowner, but the good news is there’s a reliable alternative with KC Property Guys.

Two Choices: KC Property Guys vs Mostly Wholesalers

Look out for who you’re dealing with when it comes to certain investment buyers. Sometimes when you call three or four investment companies to inspect your home, you might find one of them that’s actually reputable. KC Property Guys is the exception to the rule of shady wholesale buyers.

We’ll inspect the home, do the repairs, handle negotiations for you, and finish the closing costs. There’s no middleman in our process, which we promise from the start. Plus, the sale is going to close on time with only one company.

Seller Beware! The Trouble with Fast Cash Home Wholesalers

Alas, this is the exception. Most cash buyers will introduce themselves as an investor, when they’re really a wholesaler or broker trying to push paper. They’re after profit margin at all costs.

While there’s a standard real estate contract with these investors, check the fine print. It usually tells you they’re really a wholesaler with the right to transfer the rights of the house to a third party.

Why is that a problem? Because it brings in a bunch of new factors. Now, you don’t know who’s going to close the sale with you. Many times the wholesaler will try to sell the deed, but if that fails, you won’t get the sale. Here’s an example of how that works.

Hypothetical Scenario

So, let’s say you’re trying to sell your home for $100,000. When the investor tries to sell it, but cannot find a buyer for more than $90,000, they’ll come back to you and force you to negotiate. This would leave you settling for $80,000, making the whole cash-sales endeavor a waste of time (when you could’ve pursued more money in the normal real-estate market).

A Better Approach with KC Property Guys

It doesn’t work that way with KC Property Guys, though. We inspect your house, quote a price, and it stays at that price because we’re real cash buyers. Wholesalers are shadow buyers who might not honor that initial price quote, pending what they sneak into the fine print of the contract.

Therefore, we always admonish: seller beware!

We always try to warn homeowners of the potential bottom feeders in the industry. Chances are, there are more of them than there are good investors, which gives the cash sales approach a poor reputation.

Other Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Cash Sale

We want to warn you of a few other mistakes to avoid when you want to sell your home fast.

  • Don’t resort to selling by yourself. You still need help from a licensed real-estate professional, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a wholesaler or traditional realtor.
  • Keep your price expectations reasonable and avoid demanding too much. Selling to your cash buyers is a great idea as long as you keep things in perspective.
  • Don’t spend too much time doing repairs and cleaning. The whole point to selling fast is so that you skip some of that hassle. Your decision to work with us means that you’re hiring us to take care of the repair work. This is even true if your home has become a total money pit.

KC Property Guys: The Safe Alternative to Fast Cash Home Wholesalers

Hopefully, all the warnings and potential bad news doesn’t sour your motivation to consider a cash-sales approach. While scammers exist in every corner of real estate, you can still accomplish your home-selling goals with a reputable buyer.

KC Property Guys serves clients all over the Kansas City metro area, and we have the glowing testimonials to show how well we do it. We’re a terrific alternative to hiring a wholesale buyer with questionable motives.

Contact KC Property Guys and avoid the hassle of all fast cash home wholesalers with our outstanding, streamlined selling process.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO