How Can I Find and Sell to Qualified Home Buyers & Investors?

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If you’re going to sell your home to a fast cash buyer, then we always recommend working only with qualified home buyers. You can’t afford to hire wholesale buyers or other fly-by-night operations.

When you work with a reliable company, like KC Property Guys, we can customize the entire sales process to fit your unique needs. Here’s how to find qualified buyers in Kansas City.

Ready to Sell? That’s Great, but Seller Beware . . .

We encourage potential sellers to really do their homework before pulling the trigger and making a cash sale. There are many bottom feeders in the market, who will put their needs (as a buyer) ahead of your needs (as a seller). Sometimes, you might not catch a potential scammer until it’s too late.

If you notice the fine print of a sales contract, you’ll see how wholesalers buy and sell your rights to selling your home. In short, this means they won’t buy your home, but instead run you around in a confusing, aggravating contractual game with other third parties. The firms that do this are called “assignment brokers,” the folks who issue “home-sold contracts.”

There’s a very low entry barrier for wholesalers, too. They might attend a couple seminars that show them how to “buy someone else’s house to make money.” Unfortunately, these new investment groups and rookie investment purchasers don’t have your best interests at heart. We want you to avoid this problem, and here’s how to do that.

How to Find Qualified Home Buyers & Investors

You can avoid these guys though. Let Google be your guide, as we always say. It’s easy to qualify buyers by what you find on their Google Reviews profile. If they either don’t have one, lack experience, or have negative reviews, then those are red flags not to do business with them.

You can also find information regarding their business status in Kansas and/or Missouri. This would include whether they have an established LLC, sole proprietorship, or some other legitimate business designation. Then you can check to see if they have any reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

In summation, it is vitally important to qualify home buyers so that you don’t enter a sketchy contract or suffer a raw deal when you sell to them. Don’t forget that your home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. It makes no sense to leave that in the hands of a rookie investor who disregards your needs and preferences.

Reasons to Sell to Reputable Buyers

We’d like to make a final note regarding the purpose of selling to a reputable cash buyer in Kansas City. The well-established, five-star companies, like KC Property Guys, can help you leverage the equity in your home to help you several ways. This includes positive and difficult scenarios such as:

  • Reaching your golden retirement years and wanting to downsize a little.
  • Selling to address bankruptcy issues.
  • Struggling through a difficult divorce and selling the old house.
  • Salvaging the remaining equity in an old money-pit house.
  • Helping aging parents move in with you or into assisted living.
  • Relocating to accept a new job.
  • . . . and many others.

Work with the Best Qualified Home Buyers, KC Property Guys

There are many lucrative ways to leverage a cash-buying transaction. This is even true if you call us to help you with a home in disrepair. If you’re unsure about any of our credentials, we welcome you to call us, and we’ll gladly show you our buying history and other qualifications.

KC Property Guys holds an A+ accreditation with the BBB, has dozens of positive reviews, and earns a perfect five-star aggregate rating. You cannot get much more qualified than that.

Contact us today to work with the best qualified home buyers in the KC metro area.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO