How a Cash Home Buyer Can Help When You Can’t Pay the Mortgage

Can’t Pay the Mortgage

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If you can’t pay the mortgage and refinancing isn’t an option, a cash home buyer may be able to help you.

At KC Property Guys, we regularly work with homeowners in difficult financial situations to secure a favorable cash sale for their homes. In this guide, we’ll discuss how working with a cash buyer can be an excellent solution if you find yourself unable to pay your mortgage.

What is a Cash Buyer?

In real estate, a cash buyer is an individual or company who purchases houses for a full cash amount up-front. The buyer does not secure financing, as opposed to a traditional buyer who secures a mortgage to purchase a home.

It’s very common for a cash buyer to be an investor who is interested in quickly purchasing, renovating, and then re-selling the home.

The Cons of Selling Through the Traditional Route if You Can’t Pay the Mortgage

If you’re in the acutely stressful position of no longer being able to pay your mortgage, you may be looking for a fast, secure way out of the mortgage by selling your house.

If you decide to sell your house through the traditional route, you may spend months marketing, working with agents, and negotiating with potential buyers who also need to secure financing to purchase the home.

If you’re unable to make your monthly mortgage payments during this marketing and sales process, your credit score can be significantly damaged, you can accrue stacks of late fees, and as a result, risk still owing to your lender money even after selling the home.

You’ll also be paying many more fees when selling a home to a buyer who needs to secure financing, such as closing costs, agent fees, and lawyer fees. You’ll also likely need to spend extra money on repairs, deep cleaning, and junk/item removal from the home depending on the negotiations.

You also risk the sale falling through at the last second when working with a buyer who needs to secure financing to purchase the home. If you’re in an acutely stressful financial position, the sale failing because the buyer’s financing fell through would be detrimental.

Why Selling to a Cash Buyer is the Best Solution

Because cash buyers are often real estate investors, they are typically much more willing to strike a fast deal to close on your home, sometimes within a few short days. Selling fast can be crucial for homeowners facing mortgage payments they can no longer make. The faster you sell, the quicker you pay back your debt to the lender without falling further into debt.

Selling to a cash buyer also comes with the benefits of little to no stipulations on the home, such as not having to make repairs, hiring a cleaner, waiting for multiple inspections, or paying for junk/item removal. This is because cash buyers are often willing to buy homes as-is to make a fast deal and flip the home within a short timeline.

How Does KC Property Guys Work with Homeowners Who Can’t Pay the Mortgage?

At KC Property Guys, we routinely work with homeowners across the Kansas City area who can’t pay the mortgage and need to quickly and securely sell.

If you’re a homeowner in this position, you can contact our team of real estate investment professionals, set up a walk-through appointment, and we’ll make an offer within a few short days. Once you decide on a closing date, we’ll finalize the paperwork and the legal, secure transfer of the home through our title company. On the day of closing, the title company will safely and securely deliver your full cash payment.

Contact the Pros at KC Property Guys

At KC Property Guys, as an A+ rated Business with the Better Business Bureau and the #1 leading cash home buyer in the Kansas City area, our team of professional real estate investors is here to offer a transparent, fair, secure, and accessible sales process. If you can’t pay the mortgage on your home and need to quickly sell, contact us today and see how we can help.


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