How Has the Pandemic Affected the Cash Home Buying Market?

Pandemic Effects

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At KC Property Guys, our teams have remained busy throughout the pandemic. In fact, this situation has forced a change in the real estate environment. The change has been brought about, in part, by the federal stipulations and bank moratoriums that have stopped foreclosures (for the most part).

Because of this, the inventory of homes available for sale is lower than ever. This, combined with extremely low interest rates, means that the demand on the “buy-side” of the housing market is much higher.

For sellers, this has increased the supply in demand.

If you are a potential seller, you may wonder – what does this mean? Put simply, it means if you choose to sell your house to a cash buyer (like us), you are going to be able to get a higher price than what is typically offered. This means that the cash home buying market is currently in your favor. If you want to sell, now is a great time to call us and start talking about your options.

We Will Work with Your Variables and Situation

Thanks to the pandemic, you may find yourself in a unique situation or dealing with unusual variables.

For example, you may need to downsize, move to another area or country, or make some other type of life transition that makes selling a house the traditional way more challenging. When life happens, our team is here to help work with you.

We can work through any variables, including timing, price needs, and more. We have our own real estate group, which means we can easily handle the buying process, along with five crews to make improvements on a house. Besides buying your house, our crews also offer pre-sell improvements if you plan to list it eventually. Our team will customize the buying solutions to meet your needs and any variables you may be dealing with.

We Are Still Buying Houses for Cash

While the pandemic has impacted the real estate market, our team is still working hard, buying houses at virtually every price point, ranging from houses worth $100K to over $1 million. It doesn’t matter what type of house or property you have, its condition, or other factors, we will make you a cash offer, and you can feel confident that our team will help meet your needs to ensure a smooth and easy transaction.

The first step is to get in touch. We will take about your needs and the variables that you are trying to work through during this initial discussion. We will develop a custom solution that works for you and provides you with the timing needed.

Selling your house for cash is one of the easiest and fastest ways to handle a property you don’t want or need. Let us discuss your options and get started with the selling process today. Working with us is easy, and we make the process as seamless as possible.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO