How to Sell Your Kansas City Home As-Is for Fast Cash

How to Sell Your Kansas City Home As-Is for Fast Cash

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When you need to sell your Kansas City home as-is, the best way to do it is with a fast cash offer. Traditional financing deals take a long time and often come with tons of strings attached.

But when you need to move quickly for a new job or just want to sell your house to pocket some extra cash, a cash buyer is the go-to choice for many… and for good reason! Let’s break down how you can do this step-by-step.

Get a Valuation for Your Home

For starters, get a professional valuation for your home. To do this, contact a real estate agent you trust and have them do a comparative market analysis or CMA for your house. This will give you a roughly accurate market value of your home by looking at its size and features, checking nearby homes of the same type, and so on.

The valuation will give you a good starting point as you negotiate with a prospective cash buyer.

How to Sell Your Kansas City Home As-Is for Fast Cash: Find a Cash Buyer

Next, you’ll need to actually find a cash buyer willing to pick up your house as-is. Fortunately, there are lots of Kansas City cash buyers you can contact, starting with KC Property Guys. Cash buyers are oftentimes investors or home purchasing companies that buy houses quickly to:

  • Renovate them and sell them later down the road
  • Buy them to rent them out to tenants
  • For other reasons

Request an Offer

Finding a cash buyer is just the start; you’ll next need to request an offer from them. Many cash buyers will give you a potential or generalized offer based on the initial details of your house, then send out their own appraisal officer to examine the property.

Alternatively, cash buyers may request a video streamed rundown of the house so they can more accurately come up with a good offer for them.

How to Sell Your Kansas City Home As-Is for Fast Cash: Negotiate the Deal

Once a cash buyer makes an offer on your Kansas City home, you don’t have to accept it immediately! In fact, one of the main benefits of a cash offer is that you hold a lot of negotiation power.

You can negotiate a deal that works best for you:

  • Budgetary needs
  • Opinion of the house’s monetary value
  • Move-out date
  • And more

Don’t lowball yourself – try to get a fair price for your Kansas City house since a cash offer means you’ll get to pocket any profits you make right away!

Compare Any Offers to CMA

Remember to compare any offers made by a cash buyer to the above-mentioned comparative market analysis. If the offers seem too low, respond with another offer and be prepared to haggle back and forth.

How to Sell Your Kansas City Home As-Is for Fast Cash: Finalize Any Other Details

Although cash offers on Kansas City homes usually move more quickly than traditional financed offers, some details may still need to be wrapped up. For example, the cash buyer may request that you:

  • Perform some light renovations or repairs
  • Contact a title and escrow company to handle the cash transaction
  • Determine how the money will be transferred
  • Make a new key
  • And so on

As you negotiate with your cash buyer, they will break down everything they need you to do for the deal to go down smoothly.

Close the Deal

Once you’ve made it to this step, congratulations – you can now sell your Kansas City home as-is. Cash buyers make selling your home quickly much easier, and you can get an offer on your property right away by contacting the KC Property Guys.

Need an offer on your house sooner rather than later? Contact us today to sell your Kansas City home as-is for fast cash!


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO