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Hey, everyone. John Linquist here with KC Property Guys. And today I’m out in Olathe, Kansas where we’re going to be meeting with Cheryl Scheele, who is going to be talking about the interior design options that she has selected for this home. Now, this home was also a KC Pier Project. And after KC Pier came in and did their thing, KC Property Guys were able to come in and offer a creative real estate solution. With this home, you can really see that it’s getting the full package and that it’s getting taken care of every step of the way. This step specifically is interior design, so let’s go inside and see what’s going on.

Olathe, Kansas Interior Design

Cheryl Scheele:

We’re here in the kitchen of this house, and we’ve decided to knock down the popcorn ceiling, do a knockdown picture on the ceiling. Things that we look for when we’re designing the kitchen are: are we going to keep the original cabinets? Are we going to paint them? Are we going to replace them? These, we decided to keep and we’re going to paint them probably a white tone, and then we’ll put a granite. We always install new granite. I always pick a granite that has a lot of movement, but has a lot of … it’s gray colors, neutral colors. It goes with our color palette.

Cheryl Scheele:

I have two different ones just as examples. Here’s one.  The more gray cast, but it does have some brown running through it, and then another one that has more cream running through it. We do granite, and then we’ll pick a backsplash. Because I have white cabinets, I will do a contrast on the backsplash and maybe a subway tile or something. We’ll pick that out.

Cheryl Scheele:

Then on the flooring, we’ll do a tile floor in a tile that we’ve done in some of them. Just a 12 x 24 tile, and we’ll do a design on the floor. But something like that would be on the floors. We also will pick new light fixtures. All the appliances will be stainless steel. Then we’ll also change hardware, and probably put dark hardware in here. We’ll change faucets. Everything will be new. We’ll change … update things. Anything near water supply will be GFCI rated to pass the code. But other than that, that’s what we’ve done in this kitchen.

Cheryl Scheele:

Okay. Now we’re in the living room/family room area with a fireplace. As you see, it was a brick fireplace. We will probably come back and do a stone facade on the fireplace in a gray tone. And then in the bookshelves … we kept these bookshelves, but we’ll probably either go the trim color or I’ll do a contrast color for a high contrast. More drama in the room. And then for flooring, for consistency, we’re going to have probably a wood plank floor similar to this in a gray color. Gray tone. It’ll go good with our wall color. And we’ll just add a ceiling fan light fixture in here, and that’ll round out the room.

Cheryl Scheele:

We’re in the master here, and what you’ll see that we’ll do … of course, knock down ceilings. This is an example of the color palette we use, the white trim with this taupe gray wall color consistent throughout. Very versatile color. We’ll replace the ceiling fan light fixture. We’ll bring carpet in here, and more of a multicolor carpet. This is the master bath, so what we’ll address in here … It’ll need a new vanity. This one actually has two sconces, so I’ll get to the shop for a couple of sconces. We’ll do our vanity and a 46 inch vanity. Probably either granite on top, or we’ll refine a nice solid surface.

Cheryl Scheele:

We will redo the whole shower. We’ll have new flooring, new fixtures, a brand new shower, and we’ll try and do an accent piece. Like a waterfall with an accent tile in it to give it a little pop, and something different than your normal home builder grade type of home. That’s what we’ll be doing in here in the master.

Stay Tuned for Updates!

John Lindquist:

Now that we’re done talking to Cheryl, we have a pretty good idea of what this house is going to look like next time that we’re out here. And if you want to see those developments, stay tuned to our YouTube channel and to our blog, and we’ll see the story and where it goes from here. We’ll see you next time.

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Eric Scheele

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