Is It Possible to Sell a Money-Pit House to a Cash Home Buyer?

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How do you sell a money-pit house to a cash home buyer?

Several of our clients ask about this because they want to unload a home that has become a very heavy burden on them. This is a category of homes you can sell to us, but it depends on whether there is at least some equity available. Here’s how selling a money pit to KC Property Guys works.

What is a Money-Pit House?

Money pit houses are the ones that have unlimited projects. Sometimes the projects are created by the homeowners, but other times they’re self-inflicted problems. There are also many cases where the money pit house results from serious foundation damages.

We have a sister company, KC Pier, dedicated entirely to foundation repairs. This is a prominent issue in the Midwest with the ever-shifting soil beneath us. Some houses have fallen victim to mother nature, especially during the heat of the summer, and require a lot of expensive repairs.

If there’s a drought, the soil recedes, and the foundation suffers cracks/damages. Those repairs can be overwhelming for homeowners. Hence, they become a veritable money pit.

So, Can You Really Sell a Money-Pit House?

Money pit houses present themselves with a lot of future investment. They normally have a history of generating huge repair bills, which would only multiply and get worse. You get to the point, as a homeowner, where you don’t see any end in sight, and want to unload the home for whatever it’s worth.

From our point of view, however, all homes require some repair or investment, so we see them as projects and opportunities. We do, however, empathize with folks who struggle with these situations. So, we want to work with them to reach a resolution.

This might involve deferred maintenance, for example. We would set up a 30-minute inspection, look over all the problems, draft a plan for our repair crews, and make a cash offer for the house. Ideally, this will put all the frustration and issues to rest when we’re finished.

What’s it like to Sell a Money-Pit House to KC Property Guys

The beauty of using a cash buyer for a money-pit house is that you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of getting it ready for realtors. If you take a money pit into the real-estate market, it would scare away potential buyers who won’t want to make repairs. It’s either that or it would force you to perform extensive remodeling ahead of time.

You also don’t have to deal with lots of negotiations when you work with us. Plus, we expect to work on homes, so we’re good at evaluating and valuing them. Perhaps the best part is that we’ll quote a price figure right there, and honor it.

You don’t have to deal with any of the other intermediate steps between inspection and closing. At KC Property Guys, we’re one of the larger home rehabbers around Kansas City, so we have lots of repair advantages (especially with the KC Pier sister company). Therefore, you don’t have to hire a lot of other contractors, and you’ll be able to press on with life sooner.

Contact KC Property Guys for a Free Inspection on Residential Property

Now that you know the benefits of selling a money pit to a cash buyer, you can keep us in mind if you (or someone you know) needs help. We also assist homeowners who would like to sell their home quickly after a divorce, potential foreclosure, bankruptcy, or for a downsizing mission.

You can verify our credibility as reliable cash buyers when you see our glowing reviews from past customers on Google Reviews. We maintain a perfect 5-star rating on Google with our satisfied Kansas City clientele.

So, if you’re considering a move to sell a money-pit house, then contact KC Property Guys for a free estimate on your property.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO