The KCPG Design Process REVEALED in Shawnee, Kansas!

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So here we are in Shawnee, Kansas talking about the KCPG design process. We’re at a five bedroom, three and a half bath home. It’s a good family home. You’ve got the one and a half story. So you have a master on the main with its own master suite. Then you have three bedrooms up and a full bath up. Then downstairs, you have a full bath and a bedroom.

This is a great house. It’s got a lot of open space, great kitchen. You have a formal dining room, formal living room, eat-in kitchen, great vaulted ceiling family room.

Design of the House

Now we’re going to talk a little bit about the design of the house. There’s some places, like in the entry, it’s a great vaulted entry, double door. What we did is we closed off the wall that was all railing going down to the dining room, just to give it a little more privacy because you can still see it, and we didn’t want to just see all railing. A little more privacy.

Another feature we did in the living room was nice. It did have railing across it, and we closed off that room. So you can have that formal den.

A couple more features we want to point out in this great room is that we did a floor-to-ceiling stone facade fireplace. Before it was just this little brick fireplace with a little mantle. So we made it a huge statement as you come in. Goes all the way up to the ceiling.


Then over here, there was a bunch of just shelves, old shelves from 80s just all the way across. So we took that out so the new homeowner could feature a great furniture piece over there or just a little piece like that with some pretty pictures or something. That’s what we’ve tried to do to make it fresh and new and not dated looking.

As we go into the kitchen, the kitchen design features. We painted the cabinets a nice creamy color. We put granite, which is a nice gray granite with a little bit of brown running through it. It’s just a beautiful color. Then we did a backsplash, a subway tile backsplash, little gray, and it has a little bit of texture to it. So we did that. Then we did black handles, black features on the lighting. We did some globe features. Then also, we added the black stainless instead of just regular stainless just to give it a little bit of pop and contrast.


Love the design process part of the homes, but the staging is my favorite part because I get to make it homey, and it just adds so much to the house. To come in, instead of seeing a blank slate, you come in, you see some cool colors, you see how somebody would set it up. You can say, “Oh, I like that.” That’s the fun part. I look for colors that make somebody feel warm and cozy and just family.

This house is a perfect example of a KCPG project from beginning to end. We come in, it gets bought by KC Property Guys.

Then we come in, do a walkthrough with the design process team, with the project manager, with the contractors. We come in and decide colors, choices, and features of the house we want to blow out or change. That gets done, and then the contractors get to work on it. They hand it off to us. We could have a cleaning crew that comes in, cleans the project. Then we stage it, get to come in and bring furniture in, stage it, get professional pictures done. Then we hand it off to team KCPG, who lists all of KC Property Guys’ houses.

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Eric Scheele

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