How to Qualify a Cash Home Buyer in Kansas City

Cash Home Buyer Kansas City

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Selling your Kansas City home to a cash home buyer is obviously an important decision on an avenue to transition out of your home.

Be sure you qualify who you are working with before you have any cash home buyer into your home.

The benefits are plenty

You won’t have to wait and worry about the buyer being approved for financing, and if your place requires extensive repairs, you won’t have to foot the bill for those repairs before closing. Things like inspections and appraisals are typically taken off the table as well.  Closing is fast or on a schedule your choose.  No cleaning, no realtors to closing, no inspections.  It’s simple – done and done.

Do Your Homework!

we buy ugly houses kansas city 

Do you really want to sell to someone with hand written signs on a street corner?

I guess, in all transparency, we are guilty of this as well, but this was at a time where we were trying to establish ourselves.  Street signs are typically a signal of a young or new non-established companies.  Seller beware.  Seller do you homework!

A portion of cash buyer signs and companies are typically single or couple run companies that ultimately looking for the ‘HGTV experience’ and looking to buy and flip their first couple houses and test the investment waters.

Many of these investors have the interest in cash home buying and investing and have the experience of seeing it done on TV or attended a quick learn seminar and want to go out to do it themselves.  As a seller, you should do your homework on any company looking to purchase your home for cash.

Check the signs

Your first tip regarding the legitimacy of such a buyer will be the company’s sign. Does it bear a company name or just a phone number? If it’s just a phone number, ask yourself why. Wouldn’t you want to get your business name out there?

Do They Have a Real Website?

Any fast-cash buyer who is even halfway legitimate will almost certainly have a website. Go online and look for it. Try to trace the posted phone number to find a name associated with it if that’s the only information you have, but you might not have much luck. Many of these buyers route phone calls through services so they’re untraceable.

Who is behind the company?

You might be surprised by what you find if you are able to find a name. Some of these buyers are real estate firms masquerading as opportunity investors—at least on their signs or in their advertising. They’re just trying to lure you in to get your listing. But even that might be preferable to a real fast-cash buyer.

Are they registered at the State level?

Check the company name and do a database search on their company.

Kansas –  https://www.kansas.gov/bess/flow/main?execution=e1s3

Missouri –  https://bsd.sos.mo.gov/BusinessEntity/BESearch.aspx?SearchType=0

BBB – Better Business Bureau

Look for a Better Business Bureau review if you’re able to pin down a company name, as well as other customer reviews.

Check Kansas City Cash Home Buyer Reviews!

Google is always a good place to start.  Google the company name and check to be sure the company you are viewing is the same company make you are referring.  Do they have reviews?  Read the reviews.  How old or new are the reviews?

There are other great local resources like Blogger Local Kansas City that can provide information and reviews on local Kansas City companies, including real estate agents and home buyers.

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