Rebuilding a KC Home From a Fire!

rebuilding home kansas city

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Today we’re out in Kansas City, Kansas, and we are walking through a recent cash purchase from KC Property Guys. And it happens to be a firehouse, it’s a home that has an electrical fire, or had an electrical fire in it and we are rebuilding it. There’s extensive smoke damage throughout the house. And we just walked through and we’re going to be looking at working with our restoration team that’ll ultimately get the house demoed, cleaned, and restored and encapsulated so our crews at KC Property Guys can ultimately do our rehab on it. So today is kind of day one of many on a long-term project for this particular house. It’s a smaller home, but it’s an extensive rehab home because of the fire damage, where we’re going to bring everything down to studs. We have to coordinate with the city to get all our proper permitting, and then ultimately get the rehab completed, handed over to Team KCPG so we can get this house over to the next generational family.

So day one of a longterm project, we’re going to bring you along and be periodically checking in and out of this home as it progresses as we are rebuilding it. If you’re looking for a creative real estate solution, contact us today!


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO