A Recent Rehab in Brookside!

rehab in brookside

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One of our most recently finished projects was in the Brookside area of Missouri.

The house is actually now in the final stages, waiting to close. This is the last part of our timeline when we purchase any property.

The Story of Our Brookside Property

We talked to the owner of the house, who was interested in learning about what we do. She wanted to explore her options and see if a cash purchase was right for her situation. She also wanted all the information possible to see if a cash buyer or traditional sale was better for her situation.

We went to her property, discussed her needs, timeline, and other factors she was dealing with. At the time, her house was full of “things,” which she had accumulated after years of living there. It was also extremely dark and needed a lot of maintenance. She knew all of this and was open about everything.

After discussing her options, she let us know that she wanted time to go through everything. This resulted in us putting the house under contract for four to five months. Her goal was to have everything planned out and ready to go when she was.

We are willing to work with any seller to meet their needs and situation. In this case, during the contract period, the pandemic hit. This resulted in us extending the contract to meet the situation.

After the owner left the house, she left a lot of stuff behind. This is not only fine, we encourage it. There’s no reason to pay someone to haul off items you don’t want. We have five crews who will handle this for you. They will clean out the property and get it ready for the rehab process. After taking out four dumpsters’ worth of “stuff,” we were ready to begin the rehab process.

For this house, we replaced the flooring, painted the interior and exterior, and installed new windows. It was a five-bedroom house, and our team transformed one bedroom into an en-suite master bathroom and walk-in closet.

Our Rehab Process

With this house, there was a lot to do. However, our teams can handle any issues. We can revamp everything from the electrical and plumbing system to installing a new roof, handling foundation issues, and more.

Once the rehab was complete, the house was ready to be sold. In fact, this house is already under contract for a new family to move in.

Are You Interested in Selling Your Home for Cash?

Have you been thinking about selling your home for cash? Are you unsure if this option is right for you? Call us, let’s have a conversation. You may find that selling your house for cash is perfect for your situation. We will meet your needs and create a custom offer that addresses your situation and ensures that you get the desired results from the sale of your house and property. Call us today to learn more.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO