Rehab Update in Gardner, Kansas Part 2!

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How’s it going, everybody? It’s Lucas Scheele with KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys. I hope you guys’ day is going well. Mine is just getting started. And starting here out in Gardner, Kansas, I’m going to be giving you guys another house update during this Gardner, Kansas full rehab throughout this process that we’re doing. So they have done a lot of stuff to this house.

Gardner, Kansas Full Home Rehab

Originally, it actually was red on the outside with rotting wood, a bunch of really just stuff out of place. But now we’re going to show you the new color of the house, as well as the inside and the new back deck that’s going to go on as well as anything else that might be in there. So without any further ado, guys, let’s jump into this.

So right off the bat, you guys can tell a huge difference on the outside of the house. But one big, big upgrade that they did do was they took this one-car garage, and there used to be a mudroom right there that extended all the way through to the end of the garage. But they took that out, put a wall in there and actually made this a two-car garage. So that’s an upgrade in itself right there. Let’s go ahead and jump onto the inside and see the upgrades they’ve done.

So as you guys can see, this kitchen has come quite a long way. We got our tile flooring in here, as well as new cabinets, granite countertops, as well as the tile backsplash, as well as awesome new light fixtures in here. So that’s just the kitchen. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the house has to offer.

So let’s go ahead and look at it. So as you guys saw inside, there are a whole bunch of updates being done. Most of the bathrooms have been tiled in the shower, as well as the flooring. You got the toilets installed as well as the sinks. Now they’re just going to get finished up on all of the rooms. As you saw, they were all painted. All the trims are done. We’re just going to get the flooring done inside of the bedrooms. And then a cleanup session, as well as the basement, is now actually being finished off. Originally, it was a totally unfinished basement, just some slab floor on it, nothing on the walls, absolutely nothing. So it’s coming a long way. This house has a bunch of upgrades still to come, but let’s go ahead and hop outside, and I’ll show you guys the new deck that’s going in.

Alrighty, everybody. Well, that’s going to wrap up this full house rehab update out in Gardner, Kansas. There will be one more update to this house, but I think I’m going to come out here when it’s finished for you guys so you guys can really see how far it truly came. But I hope you guys have a great day. Feel free to leave a comment and give us a thumbs up on this video. And feel free to subscribe to our channel as well because we’re putting out content all the time. But without any further ado, I’ll see you guys in the next video. And I hope you guys have a great day.

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