Kansas City Home Renovation From a Fire in Kansas City, KS!

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Today, we’re out in Kansas City, Kansas, and we’re doing a walkthrough with KC Property Guys.

We got our project lead here. We got our project manager here and we’re working with a kind of a special case house.

This is a house that caught fire back in 2017.

The Kansas City fire damage restoration company started to come through the house and do all the repairs from new siding, new roof and new gutter installation, new windows, to stubbing and framing, and then ultimately it ended up somehow going into foreclosure and that’s where we acquired this house.

Kansas City Home Renovation After a Fire

So we have a foreclosure home, which is essentially going to be a new construction home and so we’re here trying to essentially decode what once existed to also what the new plan was and then we are going to ultimately have to pull permits and work with the city and re-scope this job to bring it back into full completion.

So today is our first day of a walkthrough through this Kansas City fire restoration project where we’re putting all those plans kind of together and we’re going to bring you in on kind of the journey and walk through the restoration of the home.

So over the next few weeks, we’re going to have some of our stubbing work and work on the electrical and the plumbing and starting the Sheetrock and work through this until we can get to the full finished project ultimately and that’s when we’ll most likely have this handed over to KCPG Realty Group and get this thing listed and ready for the next family.

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Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO