Renovation of a Rental Property in OVERLAND PARK!

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Today we are out in Overland Park, Kansas, kind of in the heart of Overland Park.

We are day two of a renovation and the life story of this particular rental house.

The story behind this house is it came from a family member who originally had grown up in the house, went to college, came back from college, purchased the home when she got married, from her mother, and then just recently got an opportunity to take a job transfer down south.

And in doing so, they called us up and we came in, went over a couple options for them, but given all the timelines and the variables and the condition of the home, they ultimately kind of chose the cash option.

Rental Property Renovation Overland Park

So this is one of those houses that doesn’t necessarily have a bad life story behind it; there’s no divorces or sicknesses, or anything like that. This is just a choice that she was trying to exercise for a quick close, a guaranteed close from someone who’s reliable. And so she ultimately kind of took that cash option. And so they have since moved down south, we are in here in day two of our rehab, and the life story for this particular house, which is different than most is we have a need for a temporary rental for someone in need. And so we are actually bringing this house up to rent-ready conditions so they can rent it temporarily before we get into our full rehab. So this one actually kind of moved up in our inventory list so we could do the rehab immediately to get it rent-ready, it’ll then be rented for a temporary period of time, and once they move out, then we are coming in to do the full rehab.

Full Overland Park Remodel & Home Rehab

This house definitely needs some attention, it’s basically in its original condition, you can kind of see the paneling here. But we have some really fantastic features: we’ve got four bedrooms, two baths, two full baths, actually; all original flooring within the kitchen; great hardwoods, mixed hardwoods with pegged floors in here; and then of course the paneling will ultimately have to get changed once we go through the full rehab.

The guys are addressing some bathrooms and closet situations, just to make sure it’s rent-capable. We’ll sweep through, we’ll kind of paint it and get it ready, and then we’ll get the new family in here temporarily. Once they are done, then we’ll be back in here again, and then at that time, we’re going to open up some walls, bring us some new kitchen cabinetry, the granite will come in at that time and we’ll really finish it off kind of in the KC Property Guys style.

So, kind of an interesting story on this particular house, it has a different timeline and lifeline. So it moves up in the inventory list, it moves back in the inventory while it gets rented, and then we’ll be back here again, probably in front of the camera talking about rehab, and then ultimately getting it ready for team KCPG to come in here, stage, and ultimately list.

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Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO