Shawnee KS Cash Home Buyer and Rehab Project

Shawnee KS Cash Home Buyer

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Today, we are out in Shawnee, Kansas, and we are in midstream of a full rehab of a house that came through to us as a Shawnee KS Cash Home Buyer.

Shawnee KS Empty Nesters

The story behind this house is that, ultimately, it came through one of those life unfortunate events, where a couple had raised a family in the home, became empty-nesters, somewhat grew apart, ended up filing for divorce, and agreeing to, ultimately, sell the home and split proceeds. When I met with the couple, we sat down, and we specifically talked about listing the home, maybe through Team KCPG, but we also gave them the option of the cash buy. Given the condition of the home and all the other variables involved from a timing perspective they chose us as their Shawnee KS Cash Home Buyer.

Shawnee KS Cash Home Buyer Remodeling

Fast forward a little bit, here we are. We’re in the middle of January right now. It’s basically eight degrees outside. But we did have some time, previously, a few weeks ago, that we could get all the wood rot taken care of on a good property. We got a properly sealed and caulked in, and we got a full exterior paint. Then we’ve now shifted to the interior of the home. This is a large home. It’s four bedrooms, two and a half baths. It’s got three levels of living. It’s got three different living spaces within the home. It’s going to take quite a bit of time to address all of the generational family living that had taken place here in the last 25 years.

Foundation Repair & Other Real Estate Upgrades

One of the neat attributes of this house is that it’s a main floor living house. We got the laundry on the main level. We have the master on the main level. The master itself, obviously, has two built-in closets. It walks out to its own master suite and deck into the back, which we ultimately are going to have to work on when it begins to warm up. That’s what we’re doing. We’re sweeping through a house right now. We’ve got it stripped down. New flooring is on its way. The tile is going in right now. We’re working on balusters and staircases. Ultimately, we’re in the mid-stage of this particular rehab. We did have KC Pier in here as well. It had a little foundation issue, so they’ve been in here, and added some braces and some crack injections to the basement walls, and sealed that up properly before we got started. Now, we’re in the midst of our rehab.

This is part of the journey. As a Shawnee KS Cash Home Buyer, we’re in the middle of it. We’re going to be taking a look at some of those improvements as they’ve gone through.

As we’re working through them, in these types of cases, we always look forward to seeing where these things end, so we’re going to have you guys join along, and watch some of these improvements as they take place.

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Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO