Should You Consider Selling Your Home to a Kansas City Cash Home Buyer?

Kansas City Cash Home Buyer

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If you want to sell your home and avoid some of the hassles of traditional realtors, then you should consider working with a Kansas City cash home buyer. We help clients find their way out of trouble with this fast solution that offers great value for your home.

This includes retirees, downsizers, divorced couples, owners of a house in disrepair, and anybody who wants an expedient resolution to their problems. Here’s why you should work with KC Property Guys to find a cash buyer soon.

Best Reasons for Using Kansas City Cash Home Buyer

You might sell your home through a cash buyer if you have any of these problems:

  1. You don’t live in Kansas City, but you inherited a home here that you can’t really use.
  2. Your home needs new floors, roof, electrical rewiring, and, frankly . . . everything. Alas, some homes turn into a veritable money pit, aren’t worth keeping, but are hard to sell on the traditional market.
  3. You suffered a job loss and need to move because you can no longer afford mortgage payments.
  4. Do you have debt problems? Cash home buyers can help you sell quickly, access the proceeds, and pay your bills.
  5. Perhaps your elderly relatives need to sell a home before entering assisted living. This will help you get the job done without spending months listing and staging the house.

These are a small selection of the common circumstances that lead people to consider the cash home buyer approach.

Why it Works So Well

One of the best reasons to do this is because it removes the risk of losing a deal because of last-minute contingencies or having the buyer lose their financing. This happens all the time in the real estate market, and it’s a colossal headache.

Also, since cash buyers don’t require lending, it means you get the money all at once rather than in installments via mortgage payments. Plus, when you need to move quickly, this is often the only feasible way to do so.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

Cash buying is an excellent idea as long as you take caution against these common mistakes when selling a home for cash.

  • Listing the home with a separate realtor.
    The entire purpose of going the cash-buyer route is to avoid paying a realtor. So, it’s effectively an “either/or” decision. If you choose to work with us, it won’t benefit you to pay a realtor a commission, which you would have to do even if you sold the house yourself.
  • Spending time on lots of repairs.
    Cash home buyers are typically investors and other firms who specialize in taking “as-is” homes, revitalizing them, then selling them for a profit. Therefore, you don’t need to spend too much time doing repairs.
  • Having unrealistic expectations.
    You can get a reasonable rate for your home, but this is usually somewhat less than what you would get on the market. The advantage is that you sell your home much quicker, but you remember that there is some cost to that.
  • Not having plans for moving out of the home.
    Finally, make sure you know where you want to live next. This might mean downsizing your belongings if you move to a smaller home.

Get the Most out of Kansas City Cash Home Buyer with KC Property Guys

KC Property Guys can help you bypass the red tape and get straight to negotiation and finalizing a solid deal. This has helped many folks avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure, settle inheritance disputes, and other entanglements.

You don’t need us to tell you how important it is to only do this through a reputable cash-buying operation. Our organization has full licensing and insurance to provide this service to clients in Kansas and Missouri. Find out how much our previous clients appreciate our help by reading through some of our glowing reviews on Google Reviews.

Contact us today and let us find a Kansas City cash home buyer, so that you can finally sell your house.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO