Tips for Selling to Kansas City Home Buyers


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Selling a Kansas City home quickly and for a good price means attracting the broadest range of qualified home buyers. That can depend on identifying as many appeal points as possible.  Getting your house ready for sale entails so much more than just sticking a for sale sign in your front yard. Here are some tips for selling to Kansas City home buyers.


We always recommend a pre-inspection prior to selling your home.  It is a fact for the last 3 years, almost 24% of homes that go under contract come back on market in Kansas City.  To improve your odds of an efficient, top-dollar sale, acquire a good house inspection to find challenges BEFORE they turn out to be deal killers, complete the many if not all of the  work items from the inspection ahead of getting your property available on the market.  This just may save your deal when selling your home.  Just as my Grandma taught me – a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Solid Representation

Look for a good real estate broker. Promoting your house usually requires that you employ and work with various real estate experts such as real estate brokers, property inspectors, escrow officers, and, possibly, tax, legal, or financial advisors. Typically all of the teams member fall behind a lead point of a good Real Estate Professional.  For those who put the correct members on your team, you optimize your possibilities of an effective sale. For many sellers, a 90-day listing that puts your home in the local multiple listing service is best. Remember that commissions as well as other terms of the listing agreement are negotiable.

Home Staging

We can’t recommend home staging enough, it’s one of our most important tips for selling your home.  We are fortunate enough at KC Property Guys to have our own in house stager that works directly with all of our Assist to Sell clients.  Home staging is a game changer – simply put.   Staging take the mental leg work buyers do as they walk through the home and imaging their furniture working in the home.  Staging allows the buyers to enjoy the layout of the home and focus on the warmth and feel a clean, well organize, layout out home.

Pick your Number

Of course we have to mention price.  Price is the number one reason homes will sit on the market.  Make it fair market value.  Try to remove the emotion as best you can and focus on the end goal – THE SALE!   A sale is ultimately what you want, right?  So step back, focus on the sale and set a fair market value.

KC Property Guys – www.TheKCPropertyGuys.com are the original cash home buyers in Kansas City.  KC Property Guys buys and sells 30-40 homes per year in the Kansas City Metro Area.  We provide quick close cash options for Kansas City Homes and Assist to Sell – equity financed home improvements for those needing home improvements prior to selling. Get in touch today!


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO