What Are Fast Cash Home Selling Pros & Cons?

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Today, we want to cover the most significant fast cash home selling pros & cons. We market cash home selling as a lucrative opportunity for many potential clients, but with a few caveats. Like any major transaction, you must know what you’re doing, and you never want to work with less than reputable companies.

What are the other important cash selling pros and cons?

Fast Cash Home Selling Pros & Cons (PROS)

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to selling to a cash buyer, and we’re not afraid to acknowledge any of them. Everything you read here reflects what we would stress with any of our potential clients.

The primary advantage to selling to a cash buyer like KC Property Guys is flexibility.

We get calls from folks of all walks of life with many financial variables. This could include the downtrodden who have experienced divorce, job loss, foreclosure, and so forth. Then there’s the happier circumstances when folks retire and want to downsize into smaller homes as empty nesters.

Our System Handles All Moving Variables

We have resources for helping with all the complicated variables such as handling belongings, dealing with estate sales and auctions, or allowing time for family members to sift through belongings. You don’t have these luxuries when you work with a realtor. They’ll expect you to get everything clean, repaired, and empty before working with you. So, flexibility and convenience are an enormous benefit to utilizing a cash home buyer.

The timelines are flexible, too. That’s one of our best selling points with clients. You can set the closing date to two years out or handle things as quickly as possible. Homeowners can even live in the house after closing and selling, which is impossible with realtors.

Fast Cash Home Selling Pros & Cons (CONS)

What are the cons to selling to a cash home buyer?

Well, it’s an investment to us, so it’s economically impossible to buy at the highest asking price (though we still offer fair value). Since we can offer a fast-cash solution and do all the cleaning and repairs for you, we would subtract that from the final selling price. If you’re after top dollar for your sale, it’s better to do your own update work and work with a realtor.

The benefit of our approach is to offset the difference in equity with much more convenience. However, we tell folks all the time that this isn’t the way to maximize your selling price. We can help you work out the right price, manage the variables, and let you avoid lots of wholesalers and negotiations. Then you can decide whether that’s worth a somewhat lower price.

Make Sure You Only Sell to a Reputable Buyer

One last thing we should mention about the pros and cons of using a cash home buyer is to keep your eyes peeled for scammers. If you don’t scrutinize the cash buying company, you risk suffering a scam. Fortunately, this is avoidable if you check their credentials, ask them about their buying history, and never let a buyer trick you into paying strange fees.

Other than that, we think the pros outweigh the cons, provided you carefully consider your home-selling goals.

Call KC Property Guys to Explore Cash Selling Opportunities

We’ve built a solid buying history that’s given us a strong reputation in the Kansas City community. Our goal is mutual satisfaction, which we accomplish almost every time. This system works well whether you’ve lost your job and need to move or want to help an older relative move out of their house.

We can prove our customer-first commitment by showing off our long list of positive testimonials, our good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and other business accolades.

If you enjoyed this piece about fast cash home selling pros & cons, and are thinking about selling your home, contact us today for further assistance.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO