What Are ‘Wholesalers’ in the Cash Home Buying Market?

What Are Wholesalers

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We are a local cash home buyer in the Kansas City area. This seems simple, but some of the people who call us don’t realize there is a difference between cash home buyer investors and wholesale investors.

At KC Property Guys, we are cash home buyers. This means that you will deal with us and that we are the ones buying the property.

A wholesaler will work with a seed buyer. In most cases, this is a third party that you (the seller) don’t know.

Cash Home Buyers

At KC Property Guys, we will provide you with a contract when you decide to sell your home to us. This means that you will work with us throughout the entire process. The same person that provides you with the price for your house will be the one who shows up on the closing date we agree on. Our team will also rehab the property and then turn it over to our realty group when it is time to sell.

You can count on us to handle the entire process – from start to finish.


If you work with a wholesaler, you are essentially working with a middle man.

An example of this would be with the mortgage on your home. These are often sold from one bank to another, and you just receive a notification when this occurs. You will receive a contract with a wholesaler, but there is usually fine print that states they will assign the property to a third or seed party.

Also, when it is time to close, you won’t be closing with the person you signed the contract with. Instead, it will be the third-party buyer that you probably don’t even know.

We Will Handle with the Cash Buying Process – Beginning to End

At KC Property Guys, we will educate you about the difference between a direct buyer and a wholesaler. We will help ensure you work with a company that will handle the transaction from beginning to end.

We also work with all types of houses. For example, we recently purchased and rehabbed a house in Brookside worth $500K. While this is true, you can call us for any property.

If you work with a wholesaler, they will mainly be interested in lower-end properties.

Finding the Right Buyer

You need to consider who you want to sell your house to. If you choose a cash home buyer like us, we will be there throughout the process. However, with a wholesaler, there are a lot of unknowns. If you want to avoid this, just go with a reputable cash buyer in the area.

We have a 100% sale rate. This means that once both parties sign the contract, it is guaranteed that we are buying your property, and there is no chance of the sale falling through. With a wholesaler, the chances of the sale falling through are much higher. If you are in a situation where you need to close on a certain date, this can cause problems.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO