What Does a Cash Buyer Mean in Real Estate?

What Does a Cash Buyer Mean

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If you’re in the market to sell your home, you may be wondering, “what does a cash buyer mean in real estate?”. As a seller, it’s crucial to understand the specifics of cash buying in real estate.

At KC Property Guys, our team of expert real estate investment professionals is here to offer creative real estate solutions and fast, transparent cash offers to homeowners in the Kansas City area. In this guide, we’ll discuss what a cash buyer is within the real estate market.

So, What Does a Cash Buyer Mean?

In real estate, a cash buyer is simply an individual or company that purchases real estate for the total amount up-front. This means the buyer does not finance the purchase in part or full, and the seller receives the full cash offer through check or wire transfer.

The process of selling a home for cash is often much faster and more direct than working with a buyer who is securing financing. With a traditionally financed home purchase, the buyer must secure financing through a mortgage. This process of securing a mortgage and approving the purchase of the home can take months and involve tedious red tape and fees.

Why Do Buyers Choose to Use Full Cash Purchase?

While the benefits of cash sale for the seller are pretty clear, buyers also benefit from this method of purchase. When buyers purchase homes through a full cash purchase, they don’t have to worry about monthly mortgage payments or other complicated loan agreements. In the long run, this method of purchase often saves the buyer money and allows them significantly more long-term financial freedom.

Additionally, a direct, fast full cash offer is usually much more attractive to the seller than a more drawn-out traditional payment process, and therefore the buyer who offers cash may be able to secure a lower asking price than someone competing for a sale with a traditional mortgage payment offer.

Who Buys Real Estate with Cash?

Both individuals and real estate investment firms buy real estate with cash. Individual house flippers often have the liquid assets from their property flipping to purchase with cash, as do productive real estate companies who specifically offer cash home buyer deals.

Many times, real estate investment companies are willing to offer cash for homes in disrepair that can be repaired, renovated, and put back on the market for a profit. Offering cash for these homes allows for a quick sale and the opportunity to quickly renovate and resell the home.

What is the Process of Selling through a Home Cash Buyer Company?

If you want to sell your home to a cash buyer, working with a cash home buying company can be an excellent way to quickly and securely sell your home. Cash home buyers that invest in houses as a business are going to more quickly and confidently move in on a deal than a buyer looking for their long-term live-in home, and as such, you can generally expect these companies to make fast, reasonable offers.

At KC Property Guys, we specialize in offering a fast, transparent, and reliable cash home buying process that eliminates costly agent fees, red tape, and months of negotiations and loan terms. To efficiently and smoothly streamline buying homes for cash and offer Kansas City area homeowners a hassle-free, reliable experience, we have set up the following 5-step cash home buying process:

  1. We quickly respond to seller inquiries and get the process rolling by setting up a walk-through of the property.
  2. We set up a walk-through of the house with one of our expert appraisers who will confirm the condition of the property and help you get your best cash offer.
  3. Once the walk-through is completed, we quickly make a full-cash offer directly to you. If you find the offer agreeable, we can smoothly move to formalize the deal.
  4. Once an agreement is made, our team can close within days. Once you choose a closing date, our title company will oversee the closing procedures and legal, guaranteed transfer of title
  5. On the same day of closing on the property, the title company will swiftly and securely send you the full cash amount.

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At KC Property Guys, we’re proud to be the #1 leading home cash buyer in the Kansas City area. Now that you know the answer to “what does a cash buyer mean?”, and need to sell a property quickly, securely, and for a full-cash amount, then contact us today and let’s get the ball rolling!


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