What is the Process of Getting a Cash Offer on My Home?

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Many homeowners want to know: “What’s the process of getting a cash offer on my home?”

KC Property Guys makes the cash sales process as simple as possible. Our mission revolves around reducing stress, frustration, and anxiety for the seller. While you may get a higher asking price for a home in the conventional market, you won’t get the same convenience, efficiency, and transitional flexibility that you would with us.

Getting a Cash Offer on My Home – Initial Consultation

If you want to get a cash offer on your home, it begins with setting up a home tour. That’s how it works with KC Property Guys at least. Some places do offers over phone or email, but we only make them in person.

In our view, it makes little sense to come to a buying agreement without viewing and inspecting the property. We strongly recommend avoiding the investment groups who won’t do an initial inspection in person. As we’ll explain, it sets you up for lots of hassle, which might even include the buyer reneging on the offer altogether.

Getting a Cash Offer on My Home: Seller Beware!

The seller must beware the potential for buyer scams, a common and unfortunate reality in our industry. When other buyers (not KC Property Guys) make offers over the phone, they almost always reevaluate or re-inspect it later, creating even more burden and uncertainty for you. Those companies almost always have a third party inspect your home after the agreement.

In fact, that exemplifies the problem: that it’ll probably be a third party (not them) buying your home. That’s usually what happens when you respond to those unsolicited calls, texts, or emails. Those advertisers aren’t selling the homes themselves, but they also won’t admit that.

When they inspect your home, they’ll find issues and subtract the repair costs from that initial price quote. This could happen three or four times before you close on the home. A majority of home buyers will purchase under contract, but there’s always some fine print that allows them to transfer buying rights elsewhere.

Different Approach from KC Property Guys

With KC Property Guys, when we quote a price, as we do in the very beginning of the process, we’ll close at that price; no exceptions. Also, there are no middlemen. We quote the price, rehab the home, clean it, and ultimately sell it.

Typical Circumstances for Selling to a Cash Buyer

What are the typical circumstances for selling your home to a cash buyer in Kansas City?

These are the common reasons and benefits for making a fast sale with a reputable buyer like KC Property Guys:

  • Once we sign a contract with you, indicating the price offer, you know exactly where you stand. That’s the dollar amount we’ll wire directly into your bank account when the house closes.
  • You don’t have to do any of the intermediate work to prepare the home for sale. This means no cleaning, renovations, staging, showing, negotiating, or anything else you’d have to do with a regular realtor.
  • The cash buyer option works great to address several lifestyle obstacles such as selling an inherited property, selling a home after divorce, avoiding foreclosure, and even preventing bankruptcy.

Call KC Property Guys for Help Selling Your Property

If avoiding red tape, bureaucracy, confusion, and extra work sounds appealing, then you may appreciate our approach to home buying. This isn’t necessarily the way to get “top dollar” for your home, but it’s the best way to unload an unwanted property and leverage the equity for other purposes.

KC Property Guys is not a wholesale company that will force you to jump through a bunch of hoops. You can verify what we say by checking with our previous clients who leave us lots of positive feedback after selling to us.

Contact us today for help “getting a cash offer on my home” in Kansas City.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO