What Questions Should You Ask a Home Buying Company?

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Have you decided to sell to a cash buyer or to at least entertain this option? If so, you may have some questions. Don’t worry, this is common.

One of the most common questions that we are asked is how the cash buying process works. While each cash home buying company is unique, when you work with KC Property Guys, you will find our buying process is open. We discuss your needs, any variables you are working through and provide you with as much information as possible about the forthcoming transaction.

Our goal is to find out what you are working through. What motivated you to call us? What variables are involved in the situation? For example, is it an estate home, are you moving and need to get the house sold quickly, are you keeping or leaving the furniture? The list goes on and on. Once we know your situation and all the variables, we can create a custom solution that addresses your concerns and needs.

However, before choosing a company for a cash sale, you need to make sure they are reputable. The best way to do this is by doing your homework and asking the right questions.

Questions to Ask Any Cash Home Buyer

We want to ensure you get the best outcome when selling your home. While our top recommendation is to contact our team at KC Property Guys, there are some questions to ask before working with anyone.

These questions are going to help ensure you are working with a reputable home buyer. Also, be sure to take time to research the company or companies you are considering – in this situation, Google is your friend.

Is the Company Legitimate?

This is something you need to find out before moving forward with the selling process. Use Google and the state boards to determine if the company has a corporate name and that they aren’t just working under a “DBA” or a sole proprietorship.

Can the Company Close When You Need to Close?

You need to find out if the company can close the sale when you need to close. This is an important factor, in some cases, a deal-breaker for sellers. The goal of selling your home for cash is to get the money quickly. If the company cannot close on your preferred close date, it may be a red flag.

Will They Finance the Purchase?

Purchasing a house for cash requires capital. Will the cash buyer be financing the purchase, or will they work with a third-party wholesaler who will actually purchase the house? While either situation is fine, it can mean different things, so finding out about this upfront is a good idea.

Can You See the Contract?

The contract is what will finalize the sale. Will the company let you review the contract ahead of time? This is going to lay out the process, so be sure to read it carefully, item by item and line by line.

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Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO