Why a Cash Buyer is Better than the Traditional Route

Why a Cash Buyer is Better Than the Traditional Route

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If you need to sell your property and are considering your options, you may be wondering if and why a cash buyer is better than the traditional route.

At KC Property Guys, our team of real estate investment experts offers homeowners across the Kansas City area a reliable, transparent, and fast cash home buying process. In this guide, we’ll discuss why working with a cash buyer is better than the traditional route of selling a home.

Why is a Cash Buyer Better? It’s Faster

Many homeowners don’t realize how much faster working with a cash buyer can be than the traditional route. When working with a buyer securing financing, the process of securing, accessing, and finalizing the loan can take months.

On the contrary, selling a home for cash can happen within a matter of days. At KC Property Guys, when you sell a house for cash to our investment firm, you can close within days and receive your full payment on the day of closing.

Quickly accessing this cash can be crucial for sellers in a financial pinch or who need to use the sale money for a different large expense, like setting up aging parents in an assisted-living facility.

Fewer Stipulations

With a buyer going through a traditional financed route, the seller often must agree to more stipulations before and during the sales process. These can include stipulations regarding the mortgage, inspections, assessments, closing fees, items left in the house, agent negotiations, etc.

Cash buyers, especially individual investors and real estate investment firms, are often much more willing to quickly close a deal without writing in multiple stipulations.

Fewer stipulations with cash buyers result in a faster, considerably more streamlined sale process. If you need to sell your house without layers of red tape and complicated back-and-forths, then working with a cash buyer may be an excellent solution for you.

Why is a Cash Buyer Better? It’s Lower Risk

When working with a traditional buyer, you risk the buyer’s financing falling through at the last minute. This can cause huge problems for sellers who took the home off the market in anticipation of a sale going through, only to find out that the buyer’s financing fell through.

At that point, when the home is put back on the market, the seller may be in a weaker bidding position and more likely to accept a lower offer just to be done with the whole tedious process.

When working with a cash buyer, the seller can remain confident in the process since the seller does not require obtaining financing to purchase the home. When dealing in sales as substantial as home real estate, entering a low-risk deal is a huge benefit.

At KC Property Guys, our successful real estate investment firm is situated to make quick, reasonable cash offers on your house. When working with our team of real estate professionals, you can rest easy knowing there’s no risk of seller financing falling through.

Contact the Cash Home Buyer Pros at KC Property Guys

At KC Property Guys, we’re proud to offer cash-for-homes to a variety of homeowners across the Kansas City area.

Whether your home is in disrepair, you’re working through bankruptcy, you’ve inherited a property, you’re helping transition aging parents into assisted living, or you’re simply downsizing, we want to work with you to secure a fast and fair cash offer on your home. If you want to find out more about why a cash buyer is better than the traditional route, contact us today and see what we can do for you!


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Owner & CEO