Why Does the Fast Cash Home Investor Industry Have Reputation Issues?

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Sometimes we encounter folks who are very wary of working with a fast cash home investor because of the reputation problems in this industry. We’d like to explain what some of those perceptions are, and why you can’t trust every fly-by-night buyer out there. Then, we’ll show why you can trust a professional and licensed operation like KC Property Guys.

Beware Bad Actors in the Fast Cash Home Investor Business

We don’t take the industry’s reputation issue lightly. Alas, there has been somewhat of a bottom-feeding mentality among certain home buyers who will chase after cash with no regards to morals or scruples. In our view, it’s never okay for the fast cash aspect to trump honesty and integrity.

We make ourselves as customer-oriented as possible at KC Property Guys. Our business includes seven crews, where we service about 40 to 50 houses a year. While we certainly like to buy houses and sell them for a profit, we know it only works well with the customer-first mentality.

Why Are There So Many Scammers?

Unfortunately, when there’s money involved, you might have bad actors in the industry who will take advantage of folks. The conventional real-estate business has this problem, too. Some cash buyers might prey upon homeowners who are having trouble (like foreclosure circumstances) and chase them into making decisions they otherwise wouldn’t.

We reject this approach, prefer to take the high road, and focus more on creating solutions rather than steering everyone into the same arrangements to fit our designs. If you keep that in mind as a cash buyer, there are several ways to solve someone’s problems with home equity as a useful exit strategy. Therefore, if selling a home is the right move for you, we’re happy to assist, but we don’t impose anything on people.

How to Spot a Crooked Fast Cash Home Investor

Sellers should be aware, however, that there are a lot of bottom-feeding cash buyers who will attempt to take advantage of them. You might see this from the smaller ones who are desperate for any cash purchase and won’t take “no” for an answer.

How do you avoid the industry’s bad guys?

Let Google be your guide and research who has the best reputation. Besides, if a company doesn’t have a review profile, let alone a 5-star one like ours, that’s a serious red flag. Reviews come straight from customers, which is how you get real-life stories on what cash buyers do (both good and bad) to home sellers.

You should also keep an eye out for other credentials such as licensing and registration. KC Property Guys has registration in both Kansas and Missouri. You can also see if they have an established LLC as well as a strong reputation or accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Other Tips on Avoiding Scammers

Finally, we’ve covered this topic previously in one of our posts on how to avoid a cash home buyer scam. Always remember to . . .

  • Steer clear of pushy buyers.
  • Don’t wire them any money to initiate the buying process or fall for any unusual service fees.
  • Refuse to do business with anybody who is less than transparent about the buying process.

KC Property Guys: Kansas City’s Most Reliable Fast Cash Home Investor

So, if you’d like to sell your house quickly, for any reason, without the risk of getting conned, then come work with KC Property Guys. We assist homeowners who want to sell their houses to downsize into smaller quarters, but would prefer to avoid the lengthy selling process in the traditional real-estate market. There are plenty of solid reasons to pursue fast-cash selling, but never let anybody trick you into it.

Our company has an A+ accreditation with the BBB, which means we submit to audits and allow as much transparency as possible. Also, don’t forget to read through our positive reviews on our website or on Google Reviews.

Contact us today to work with the most reliable and professional fast cash home investor in the Kansas City metro area.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO