Selling my Kansas City home while still in Probate

You can accept an offer to buy a house while it is still in probate, if you strictly follow your state’s rules. The probate court will monitor all aspects of the sale. Be aware that the executor or administrator of the estate also must monitor and approve the terms of sale. Buyers must submit offers […]

The Kansas City Pre-foreclosure Process Step by Step

Unfortunately for some, life events such as loss of a job, divorce, death of a wager earner, health conditions and myriad of other life circumstances can bring on the process of foreclosure of a home.  For many Kansas City home owners as well others across the United States the foreclosure process can be a long, […]

Home Repairs Before Selling a Home in Kansas City

Home repairs before selling a home always pay off, but which home repairs bring the biggest return? Many sellers, trying to do the right thing, often create Kansas City house money pit issues by making repairs that are not required. They tend to make the repairs they would want, which are not necessarily what a […]

Decisions for Downsizing and Retiring in Kansas City

As the years go on, we get to a certain point where we must make decisions for downsizing and decluttering our lives.  Downsizing into a retirement home can be a physically and emotionally tough time, but these tips should help smooth over the transition. Plan ahead Preparing yourself mentally and physically for this step in […]

Tips for Selling to Kansas City Home Buyers

Selling a Kansas City home quickly and for a good price means attracting the broadest range of qualified home buyers. That can depend on identifying as many appeal points as possible.  Getting your house ready for sale entails so much more than just sticking a for sale sign in your front yard. Here are some […]

The Kansas & Missouri Foreclosure Process – What you need to know

Foreclosure is the legal process that lenders use to take back property securing a loan after the borrower stops making payments.   As someone who deals with those within a foreclosure almost daily, just realize a foreclosure is not the end.  In many ways, it really a new beginning. The Kansas City Foreclosure Process Basics Depending on […]

Real Estate Investing – Tips to Get you Started

Real estate investing is a bit more complicated because of the financial, legal, and extensive due diligence requirements involved. Be sure to give yourself a solid education before you purchase your first investment property.  It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the fundamentals. The Properties Buy low, sell high, right?   […]

50% Discounted Homes for Educators, Fire Fighters, Emergency Technicians and Law Enforcement Officers in Kansas City

KC Property Guys invests and rehabs between 30-40 houses per year overall.  Each year, we have the pleasure of renovating 2-3 properties for a local educator, fire fighter, medical personal or law enforcement officer under the Good Neighbor Next Door Program sponsored by HUD.  The GNND program is an incredible program available for qualified participants […]