Can a Cash Home Buyer Help You Prevent Foreclosure?

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We have some useful advice for anyone who wants to prevent foreclosure on their home. Though it’s a sensitive topic because there are many financial issues that can lead to a pending foreclosure, you don’t have to fall into despair. If you’re willing to consider a cash home buying option, there may be a way to resolve your troubles, and even come out ahead. We’d be happy to show you how.

What Does it Mean to Sell Your Home to a Cash Buyer?

The approach to selling a home to a cash buyer is a way to circumvent the long and arduous process of marketing one’s home through a traditional real estate firm. Instead of prepping, staging, and showing your home to several buyers, which could take months, KC Property Guys can help you sell much quicker.

How do we do that? Well, if you’ve ever spent time on websites like Zillow or RedFin, you might have noticed there are several homes advertised for “institutional investors” or as “investor opportunities.” Those are the folks who are ready to buy a home, perform renovations on it, and sell it for a profit.

What we do is put you in direct contact with those kinds of buyers. In a good seller’s market, it’s easy to do this fast AND receive fair market value for the home.

How Would Sell to a Cash Buyer Prevent Foreclosure?

Many clients come to us and successfully locate home buyers for a fair rate after other measures to sell a house have failed. People do this for several reasons such as when they need to sell an inherited home, sell the property after a divorce, or help elderly parents downsize. It’s also an effective way to address an impending foreclosure.

As we said, there are plenty of institutional investors who want to purchase homes that are in danger of foreclosure. They view it as a lucrative opportunity, but it works for you, too, because they’re willing to pay handsomely for a home in decent condition. Even if you’re not good at marketing it, we can help you overcome that difficulty and attract multiple bidders.

Could This Help You Avoid Bankruptcy?

Your financial woes may be so severe that you are considering filing for bankruptcy. If you’ve reached this difficult determination, and you own a home, then this is another tie to consider cash home buying. While nobody wants to feel forced into selling their home, it might be the best move amid serious financial turmoil.

Here are a few things to consider when faced with impending foreclosure or bankruptcy:

  • Gain as much information as you can regarding your financial situation. We strongly recommend meeting with a financial professional to learn about alternatives to bankruptcy. Also, if you can approach your creditor at all, speak with them to see if they have any advice on the matter.
  • Don’t wait until you receive an eviction notice to take action. We’re not saying you have to rush and sell your home to the first bidder, but you don’t want to wait for problems to get worse either.
  • Contact KC Property Guys to find out the smartest and most lucrative ways to sell your home and get out from underwater soon.

KC Property Guys Can Help You Prevent Foreclosure

This is only a quick synopsis of what goes into selling a home facing foreclosure. We invite you to get in touch with one of our representatives to delve into ways to find buyers for your property. Rest assured, we won’t stop until we find a competitive offer for your home and avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy.

We have a stellar track record of doing this for several homeowners in similar circumstances. We receive great reviews and praise from our Kansas City clientele who rate us as a perfect 5-star company on Google Reviews.

Find out how you can prevent foreclosure by contacting us today for a free consultation.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO