Downsizing Your KC Home and Need to Sell? Consider a Cash Home Buyer

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Good morning. My name is Eric Scheele with KC Property Guys. Today we’re out in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. We are looking at a house that we have recently taken possession on. The case behind this house was the owner was downsizing, she was moving down to the Ozarks. She had been on the MLS for a couple months at the time, and the house wasn’t moving. It was starting to get cold, she was getting concerned that the house wasn’t going to sell, so she called me up. We constructed a deal. The very next day she actually got an offer on the MLS and she called me and said, Eric, can I chase this deal? It’s worth a lot more money to me. I said, fine, no problem. Go ahead and chase it, wished her the best of luck, and then sure enough that deal ended up falling through. So 90 days later I get a call back from her and we came up with an agreement. We just closed last week and here we are. This is just one of many cases we get calls about every week to month. People are wanting to move on or downsize in many cases to a smaller home in a better area.

What to do if you’re downsizing your home?

The house is actually in really good shape and there is not a whole lot needing for improvement on this house besides a kitchen update as well as touch ups throughout the house and new paint. We’re going to take a tour here just a little bit and take a look at all the things that we’re going to need to do in order for us to get this house move in ready for the next owner. But we’re not doing a lot, and we’re going to take advantage of the condition of the house and bring it up to date and get it ready for the next family. We do deals like this all over the city. If you’re within an hour’s drive of Kansas City and you’re downsizing your home and moving somewhere else or you’re retiring or are just looking for something different, feel free to give us a call, on the Kansas Side it’s (913) 730-0086 and on the Missouri side it’s going to be (816) 427-1114, or you can go to our website kcpropertyguys.com, then just fill out a form and we’ll be right back in touch with ya.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO