Kansas City Fix and Flip House: Cleveland Project Kansas City KS

Kansas City Fix and Flip

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Cleveland was a home that we observed to go on and off market 3 different times as it was secured by investors only to fall through for various reasons related to the scope of work required prior to coming to us.
A lot of interior work was required – new interior paint, new kitchen cabinets, counters, new flooring all needed along with heavy bacterial growth in the basement and foundation issues in the garage.
Owning our own foundation company – KC Pier and directly related to a restoration company to contain and treat the mold – Superior Restoration and Construction once again works to our direct advantage for us and our investors.

Kansas City Fix and Flip House Project Challenges

Biggest Challenges:  A very choppy floor plan and the extent of interior rehab required to make the property attractable to today’s home buyers.  Removing walls along with our high quality finishes sold this home with back up offers quickly.

Financial Overview:

Purchased 70,000

Labor, Materials, Insurance 35,000


Total 105,000

Sold 150,000

Fees 13,300


Net Sale 136,700

Net Profit 31,700

ROI 30.1%

Kansas City Fix and Flip House Project Summary

Summary:  We like to highlight the Cleveland house as an example of our all in one housing solution for real estate as KC Property Guys.  Here is a house with foundation and biological mold issues which other rehabbers and owner occupants run away from, but KC Property Guys can use our KC Pier Foundation Repair and Superior Restoration and Construction remediation companies to our investors advantage to make for a very viable investment.


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Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO