How Can I Sell My Elderly Parent’s Home Fast?

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Many of our clients approach us with questions like: how can I sell my elderly parent’s home fast?

This happens a lot when the parent either moves in with their children or they enter an assisted-living facility. It’s also common for seniors who seek to downsize their homes for various reasons. Finally, you may need to sell their house when you inherit it after they pass.

General Requirements to Sell My Elderly Parent’s Home

We get several calls from folks who inherit homes from elderly parents. The most important thing to do when you inherit a home is to make sure you are in fact the heir, either through a will, trust, or some other documentation.

This is equally true whether you’re in Kansas or Missouri. If, however, there isn’t a clear heir or trustee, you don’t have to worry. KC Property Guys handles this all the time and can put you in contact with real-estate attorneys who can straighten out those problems. This will allow you to sell the inherited home if you’d like.

How to Sell My Elderly Parent’s Home: Kansas vs Missouri

So, if you need to verify your inheritance status, you’ll need to follow certain procedures depending on whether the home is in Kansas or Missouri.

Kansas Inheritances

It always helps to prepare inheritances ahead of time by making sure the will or trust is clear before your parents die. In Kansas, the best way to do this is through a “determination of descent” motion that you can do through the courts. Once that’s in place, the courts acknowledge you as the inheritor, which gives you the right to sell the home (either to a cash buyer or other realtor).

Missouri Inheritances

In Missouri, there’s an authorization letter that requires notarization. This signifies you as the heir, it’s relatively straightforward, and quicker than what you would do in Kansas. KC Property Guys works with real-estate lawyers who can assist with the notarization, so this is not something that should overwhelm you at all.

As you can see, there’s a minor amount of paperwork and verification, but it’s not as hard as you may have thought. All it takes is a simple phone call. If you give us the information, we can help you, and all that matters is whether you’re in Kansas or Missouri. Once you know you’re the rightful inheritor, you can choose to sell it on the market, or you can get the equity much faster through cash sales with us.

What to Do With an Inherited Home You Don’t Want

For more on this topic, we have another article that covers what to do when you’ve inherited a home you’d rather not keep. It covers the many reasons you may prefer to unload it onto a cash home buyer. Here are a few highlights:

  • It’s much faster because you won’t have the additional trouble of negotiating with potential buyers.
  • If your parents’ home wasn’t in the best shape, you can still sell it as-is for good value.
  • There isn’t the whole litany of inspections, closing negotiations, and other problems that could halt the sale.

Sell Any Home Fast with KC Property Guys

We encourage you to get in touch with us to explore your options for selling to a cash buyer if you think it might benefit you. Many of our clients come to us for faster and more effective solutions rather than spending untold months dealing with a realtor. It’s effective for selling inherited property, but also for several other reasons, including when you need to relocate for a new job.

Regardless of why you want to sell, we want you to have full confidence that you’re working with a credentialed professional. KC Property Guys has all the requisite licensing and insurance to purchase real estate in Kansas and Missouri.

Contact us soon if you want to find out “how to sell my elderly parent’s home” with a cash buyer in Kansas City.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO